Stop the Stink with Odor Reducing Socks

Why deal with the embarrassment of smelly feet if you don’t have to? Microban odor control socks and odor reducing socks stop the stink, leaving you worry free.


The sweat and heat generated by your feet provide an ideal environment for bacteria. And on top of that, processing limitations make odor-control application difficult, and those that are applied on socks are typically not durable enough to withstand home washes. Fortunately, Microban® odor control socks are typical.

Socks Can Really Stink. We’ve Got You Covered with Odor Reducing Socks. 

At Microban, we have developed and refined odor reducing socks through the creation of easy to apply odor-control additives. These additives can withstand multiple home launderings too. 

We begin our process by collaborating with partners during the planning stages of odor control sock product development. After objectives and goals are discussed, our engineering team creates numerous formulations, experimenting to identify the exact chemical properties for optimal microbial reproduction resistance.

And as the product development process comes to a close, Microban provides its partners with regulatory approval assistance, patent counseling and marketing support. 

The Results Speak for Themselves.

We recently conducted a study to determine the effect that Microban antimicrobial protection has on odor-causing bacteria. Two samples were tested: one with Microban odor control protection and one that was left unprotected. The samples were inoculated with bacteria and the level of odor from bacteria was measured over a six-hour incubation period.

The sample with Microban generated over 250 times less malodor after the six-hour period than the sample left unprotected, and the protected sample stayed significantly fresher throughout the entire test period.

If you are ready for a long-lasting fresh, Microban odor control socks are the first step in the right direction to a fresher you.