Antimicrobial Fabrics that Fight Bacteria to Keep Shirts Smelling Fresh

Microban® Antimicrobial Fabrics Fight Bacteria to Keep Your Shirts Smelling Fresher Longer


Sweat is inevitable. Whether you are a professional athlete on the field, a mom in yoga class, or a kid on a playground, sweat brings stains and unpleasant odors that are caused by bacteria. While there is no guarantee that the sweat will stop, Microban® antimicrobial fabrics supply partners with protection against microbial attacks, leaving your products protected from sweat and fresh, even after multiple washes.

Odor Control Technology to Meet Your Needs

Our engineering team creates additives using cutting-edge technologies that are applied during the finishing process, before the antimicrobial fabric is cut and sewn into shirts.

By proactively collaborating with our partners during the planning stage of product development, we ensure that any concern is addressed and resolved of before our engineers begin the designing stage.

A Longer Product Life with Antimicrobial Fabrics

Once the planning stage is complete, our chemists heavily test various mixtures to decipher which odor-controlling formula is most suitable to protect your specific antimicrobial fabric. Outside of antimicrobial compound engineering, we also supply partnered companies with regulatory approval assistance, marketing support and patent counseling.

The finished antimicrobial fabrics will be proven to withstand regular wear and tear and lots of washes to ensure a longer, fresher product life that your consumers will love.