Freshness Means Comfort.

Because of the environment it’s subjected to, underwear and other intimates can be particularly vulnerable to not so fresh odors. The solutions from Microban work to strengthen the undergarment’s defenses and extend the life of the clothing that’s closest to your skin.


During the finishing process, before fabrics are cut and sewn, Microban treats the materials with protection that ensures fresher, longer-lasting clothing. 

This more flexible—and more preferable—method applies the odor-controlling technology directly to the underwear material. 

Creating the best product possible is truly a collaborative effort. During the planning phase, we cover all facets of development with our partners. Our engineers then begin designing antimicrobial and odor-capturing additives, experimenting with a variety of formulations until the ideal compound needed to resist microbial reproduction is identified. We’re about more than science, though. We assist clients with factors outside of engineering development, including regulatory approvals and patent counseling.