Microban and GE Profile Partnership Expands with New Laundry Appliances

Apr 21, 2022

GE Profile™ is expanding their suite of Microban® treated laundry appliances with a new series of top and front load washing machines.

After unparalleled success of the GE Profile UltraFresh™ Front Load Washers and Dishwashers, GE Profile is rolling out a new series of smart laundry appliances featuring Microban antimicrobial technology. First unveiled at KBIS February 2022, this new portfolio is bringing laundry to life and includes the first-ever washing machine with built-in Amazon Alexa.

The full revolutionary lineup has already hit the market with the Top Load 600, 700 and the Front Load 950 series, with premium features including:

  • Smarter Wash Technology that automatically senses the amount of dirt and grime in the water and adjusts the cycle to clean the exact amount, avoiding over- and under-washing, wasting time, water and energy.
  • SmartDispense™ Technology automatically adjusts the amount of detergent dispensed depending on the size of the load and detergent used.
  • Tangle Control intelligent technology adapts the wash action to minimize tangled loads.
  • Microban® Antimicrobial Technology is built into components including the gasket, dispenser and draining system delivering Protection That Lives On™ load after load to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
The GE Profile900 Series Top Load Washer

The GE Profile Top Load 900 Series features the first-ever washer with built-in Alexa voice assistant that lets users dance to their favorite song, check the weather and set their clean cycles to specific care instructions. It also features Fabric Refresh in the dryer, allowing users to refresh or diffuse a chosen scent to refresh clothes without washing prior. The Top Load 900 Series is set to launch June 2022.

This is smarter cleaning.

This new line of top and front load laundry appliances is rooted in innovation and driven by the need for modern solutions in the home. Built-in Microban antimicrobial technology is integrated into numerous parts of the draining and vent system to deliver Protection That Lives On™ load after load, keeping machines looking and smelling fresher. End users can feel more confident in their clean with Microban product protection fighting against unwanted microbial growth.

Explore the GE Profile Laundry Portfolio

“GE Profile is all about taking the everyday tasks people think can only be done one way and challenging that norm by creating smarter solutions,” said Todd Getz, executive brand director for GE and GE Profile. “Laundry was a natural place for GE Profile to expand and, as a result, we’re giving today’s busy consumer a better way to clean.”