Great Dane Showcases Food Storage & Transport Innovations at IFDA Conference

Nov 06, 2018

As a featured exhibitor at the International Foodservice Distributors Association Distribution Solutions Conference last week, Microban® partner Great Dane highlighted several innovative food storage and transport advancements, including integration of Microban antimicrobial technologies in the lining of their refrigerated reefers.

Great Dane Ifda Trade Show News Article

Invisible Food Storage & Transport Protection

The theme of the Great Dane booth, "Nothing to See Here," was intended to draw attention to the fact that technology that is invisible to the naked eye can help fight hidden threats to refrigerated trailers that can cause irreversible damage. Exclusive integration of Microban technology into the liner of the ThermoGuard reefer, a new innovation in food storage & transport, was the main highlight of the booth.

Chris Hammond, Great Dane's executive vice president of sales said "As the company that pioneered the refrigerated trailer in the 1940s, Great Dane understands how invisible issues like water weight gain and bacteria growth can go largely unseen in your reefer until it’s too late. Luckily, we also know how to protect against these invisible threats. Great Dane’s exclusive ThermoGuard reefer lining featuring Microban antimicrobial technology can help improve insulation performance and provide a cleaner environment for temperature-sensitive goods."

The Great Dane booth featured three pieces of equipment with added protection for food storage & transport: An Everest Multi-Temp refrigerated trailer, a Johnson R-Series composite refrigerated truck body and a Johnson C-Series all-electric refrigerated truck body.

Microban Food Storage & Transport Technology Highlighted in the IFDA Innovation Theater

Representatives from Great Dane and Microban International were also on-hand to discuss how the effects of foodborne illness in the supply chain and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) have affected trailer design and the needs of the industry. As the food storage and transport industry continues to look for solutions to comply with new food safety regulations, incorporation of built-in antimicrobials provides an compliant, proactive advantage as part of a systems approach to cleaner food contact surfaces.

The educational presentation centered around how ThermoGuard with Microban protection can help meet the changing needs of the industry by helping prevent temperature-sensitive goods from reaching unsafe temperatures and providing a cleaner environment for transport.

You can learn more about the benefits of incorporating built-in antimicrobial technologies into products and equipment used in the food service environment in our whitepaper, Reasons to Integrate Antimicrobial Technology Into Food Service Products & Equipment.

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