An Innovation Partner Committed to Your Success

written by Jackie Kavege, Senior Manager, Global Built-In Marketing at Microban

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While different organizations and business leaders view innovation differently, it can be agreed that when starting the process of innovation for sustainable growth, there are few considerations more important than identifying strategic partners that are invested in your vision and your success. At Microban®, we consider our team an extension of our partners’ innovation efforts, providing turnkey support to bring new products and solutions to the marketplace.

Innovative Technologies to Enhance Your Product Line

Innovation is described as the process of discovery, engineering and transformation. We find this to be a very fitting description for the way the research and development team at Microban approaches a new application for our portfolio of antimicrobial technologies. The discovery process includes a complete review of the materials and processes to ensure that the addition of our technologies only enhances the product – and does not interrupt your manufacturing. Our global reach means that our team can provide hands on support to partners in the regions where their products are made to ensure flawless integration of the technologies. Plus, our partners enjoy the benefit of a team of engineers, microbiologists and analytical chemists working on their behalf to enhance their products – without the added expense of bringing that type of team in-house.

Once we have discovered the right solution for your product and the goals you are working to achieve, our team of engineers sets out to complete the transformation of the product by conducting ongoing testing to ensure that the initial innovation efforts are maintained at all levels of the production process. We help you keep your supply chain in compliance with clear communication and follow up for the lifetime of the partnership. With state-of-the-art laboratory facilities conducting more than 30,000 tests annually, you can be sure that our ongoing quality assurance efforts are maintained at the highest standards.

How Do You Succeed in a Regulated Environment?

The antimicrobial technology industry is highly regulated around the globe. The best way to ensure that your business is effective and productive within the legal and regulatory parameters in any given country is to have someone on your team with the experience, information and connections to support your efforts. A Microban partnership includes the input and advisement of regulatory experts with global experience. Our in-house team has been involved in antimicrobial technology incorporation around the world and can bring a level of knowledge to your innovation efforts that cannot be matched in the industry. We also partner with a number of external resources so that we remain up-to-speed on current directives related to legal and regulatory issues in the chemicals industry; and we are associated with major trade and professional organizations that serve as key influencers across a number of different industries, including foodservice, healthcare and building. Most importantly, we work hand-in-hand with your legal, regulatory and quality assurance teams to create a seamless, unified approach to navigating the regulatory guidelines that impact innovation.

The Effectiveness of Product Innovation Comes Down to the Message

The mantra for the marketing team at Microban is “You are the expert in your industry, we are the experts in the antimicrobial industry.” Our partners are leaders in their particular markets – our objective is to extend that leadership into launching your antimicrobial product innovation with the same level of expertise. A partnership with Microban provides access to a global team of marketers that have had the opportunity to launch antimicrobial products into almost every industry you can imagine, including both consumer and business-to-business applications. Each of our partners enjoys the benefits of the best practices we have seen incorporated over the last 30 years without having to experience the trial-and-error that comes with perfecting a message.

In addition, we have cultivated a portfolio of sales tools and creative materials that can be easily incorporated into your current marketing collateral to help convey the antimicrobial technology message in a manner that will resonate with your target audiences. These materials help round out a number of promotional platforms that the Microban team accesses on behalf of our partners.

Experience the Microban Advantage

If you are manufacturer in search of a strategic partner to help drive innovation for your company and your industry, make sure you partner with someone that is committed to your success. Microban is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial product protection and we pride ourselves on being an innovation engine for our partners. Take advantage of the benefits of extending your research and development, technical, legal, regulatory and marketing teams with a Microban partnership - contact a member of the Microban team today.