Dental Trays


Avoid Stain Causing Bacteria with Antimicrobial Dental Tray Product Protection Technology

Because dental trays can be polymer-based, antimicrobial product protection can be infused during the manufacturing process. Unique solutions for dental trays control bacterial growth throughout the product’s lifetime. Microban's silver and zinc-based technologies are incorporated with dental tray products in order to provide maximized protection and material compatibility.

The Microban team is committed to partner collaboration throughout the development process. During the planning stage, we encourage partner communication so our engineers can maximize your antimicrobial product protection. While we design and test multiple treatment solutions, Microban is open to any constructive partner feedback. After experimenting with several formulations, our chemists identify the precise amount of additives your antimicrobial product technology needs to resist microbial reproduction. Before masterbatch production begins, Microban checks for proper antimicrobial performance, durability and product compatibility.

Microban has the resources and expertise required to work with you to realize custom-engineered solutions for both the treated article and disinfectant or other public health applications you may require. Disinfectant and public health claims and applications will require the finished products to be registered with the EPA under FIFRA and may also require clearance as medical devices by FDA before they can be placed on the market. Treated article applications cannot claim antimicrobial protection beyond protection of the product itself from antimicrobial stains, odors and/or deterioration and is not designed to protect users against illness or as a substitute for normal cleaning or hygiene practices.