Serve Up Clean Kitchens This Holiday Season with Microban®

We can’t tell if the year has crawled or flown by (maybe a bit of both?), but what we do know is that the season for traditions and comfort foods has arrived! We’ve officially made it to the holidays. Whether you’re hosting people in your home this year, or opting for a quieter celebration, this bustling time of year can bring with it excitement, reflection, and memorable moments.

With all the special meals to be cooked, cocktails to be poured, and cookies to be eaten, maintaining a clean kitchen can be a challenge for many. On a typical day, the average American will spend anywhere from 37-51 minutes in the kitchen to prepare and cook food. For a holiday meal, this increases to an average of 6 hours in the kitchen just preparing the meal – not including the big holiday clean up tasks.

Chef’s kiss: Microban® in the home kitchen

72% of consumers worry about the presence of bacteria in their kitchen when preparing food [1]. With all the busyness that comes along with this season, the last thing holiday hosts need to worry about is unwelcomed microbial guests invading their kitchen.

While families are enjoying time together and making memories, it’s understandable that some cleaning practices might slip through the cracks. That’s why it’s nice to incorporate products that contribute to a systems-approach to clean in your kitchen and other areas of your home, that work 24/7 to fight the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Merry and Bright (and Microban® protected!)

Some of our favorite home and kitchen products with built-in Microban® antimicrobial technology are the perfect additions to enhance the cleanliness of your space. Explore below and stock up for this season, or even add to your holiday wish-list!

Mbns23 Microban Partner Calphalon Antimicrobial Knives

Calphalon Antimicrobial Cutlery

Common touchpoints in the kitchen like handles and utensils can harbor unwanted microbial growth during and after food prep. Calphalon Classic™ offers a premium, 15-piece cutlery set with a self-sharpening block, functional design, and Microban SilverShield® technology built-in to knife handles to keep them cleaner in between cleanings and helping hands.

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Mbns23 Microban Partner GE Appliances Ultra Fresh System Dishwasher

GE Appliances – UltraFresh™ System Dishwasher

Trusty appliances to the rescue for post-meal cleanup! Not only does this innovative machine come with powerful wash and dry jets, it also features built-in antimicrobial technology to keep common touchpoints and surfaces 99% cleaner. The UltraFresh vent system by GE Appliances maintains circulated fresh air to prevent unwanted odors, while the dishwasher works at a reduced noise level – so as not to disrupt your holiday guests!

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Mbns23 Microban Partner Adamo Antimicrobial Kitchenware

Adamo – Antimicrobial Kitchenware

Omada Sanaliving™ portfolio of kitchenware offers vibrant, shockproof, BPA free products that stay cleaner in between cleanings with the help of built-in Microban antimicrobial technology. The range includes cups, tableware, bowls, and servers that make for great kitchenware on the go for any family. Even great for use around the holidays – the kids’ table has never looked so good!

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Mbns23 Microban Partner California Innovations Antimicrobial Food Carriers

California Innovations – Antimicrobial Food Carriers

Whether bringing a side dish or cold beverages to your holiday destination, California Innovations ArcticZone® has you covered with an assortment of both thermal and cooler options to protect your precious cargo. From deep freeze duffels to thermal food carriers, transportation is made easy. ArcticZone food bags keep food hot or cold for hours and makes cleaning simple with Microban antimicrobial protection against bacterial stains and odors.

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Mbns23 Microban Partner EGL Cleaning Tools

EGL – Antimicrobial Cleaning Tools

It may take a village to clean up after a big holiday meal, but the proper tools can make the difference. EGL Homecare offers an assortment of cleaning products wit built-in Microban technology to keep the tools cleaner when they’re not being used. From sponge scourers and cleaning pads to microfibre cloths and kitchen towels, EGL has a tool for every step of the way.

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Mbns23 Microban Partner Petmate Antimicrobial Pet feeder

Petmate – Antimicrobial Pet Feeders

Don’t forget about your furry friends! Treat your pets to upgraded bowls, litter pans, kennels, and more featuring built-in Microban technology to keep supplies fresher and cleaner in between cleanings. Petmate even offers an antimicrobial gravity feeder so pets can join in on the holiday feast!

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From food prep and serving all the way through to the post-feast clean up, home and kitchen products with built-in Microban technology offer an integrated layer of protection in cooking environments. Products experience longer functional lifetimes and lasting durability with 24/7 resistance against the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces.

This holiday season, consider ways antimicrobial products can enhance your spaces and even give the gift of added peace of mind to your trusted home-chefs!

Interested in adding Microban® technology into your product lines? Contact a team member today to learn how to partner with us.

[1] Multi-sponsor Surveys Antibacterial Products Study (2020)