Partner Support for Antimicrobial Fabrics and Textiles

For over 30 years now, Microban® has been leading the way in odor control and antimicrobial fabrics for footwear, apparel, home textiles, and medical textiles on behalf of our partners. Our antimicrobial technologies and applications continue to be the gold standard in the textile industry. Beyond that, we provide partner support that sets you up for success and minimizes risk. With our antimicrobial fabrics, both you and your consumers will benefit from our years of research, innovation and development. We will help you navigate the entire process to make it smooth and seamless.

Manufacturing Antimicrobial Fabrics

We work with our partners to find the least-intrusive way of incorporating Microban technology into textiles so we don’t interrupt your current process more than necessary. Microban technology works alongside other textile coating and treatment practices even on tough fabrics like synthetics, so the resulting odor control and antimicrobial fabrics are sure to thrill your consumers

Durability Requirements for Antimicrobial Fabrics

We work with partners to define durability requirements as part of the product development process. We then evaluate durability with industry standards or with customized methods. For example, for textiles and clothing that is washed, standard published methods such as AATCC 61-2A or AATCC 135 are used. For articles exposed to light, ASTM methods using accelerated weather meters (e.g. Xenon-Arc) are used.

In addition, we are able to conduct customized experiments to simulate the actual use environment of the antimicrobial fabrics. These include shower simulations, hot vapor exposure, solvent exposure and repeated washing in a washing machine. With our rigorous testing methods, you will be able to confidently present durable odor control or antimicrobial fabrics to your customers.

Marketing Support for Textile Partners

With 59% brand awareness in North American homes with children, Microban is a trusted and recognized name in the industry. Marketing antimicrobial fabrics with Microban technology will prove to be pretty simple: odor control activewear, shoes, socks, backpacks, gear, and other textiles just make sense. It’s something consumers already want. The added protection prevents odors, which is a major issue for consumers who purchase and regularly use these textiles. By solving that problem for consumers, we increase the value of these antimicrobial fabrics for our partners.

A History of Textile Partner Satisfaction

With trusted and reputable partners like Reebok, New Balance and more, you can rest assured that we know our stuff, and that we will help you produce an end product that sells and satisfies. We set the gold standard for antimicrobial fabrics, and we will continue to raise the bar and innovate to ensure the best solutions and easiest integration for our trusted partners. Contact us today to learn more!