The Benefits of Microban Partner Products

When you partner with Microban® to incorporate antimicrobial technology into your products, you can also be sure that your partners will be excited and motivated to buy. Consumers recognize the Microban brand and associate it with our antimicrobial expertise. This positive brand recognition is great for promoting your Microban partner products.

Microban works with over 250 partners worldwide to develop customized antimicrobial solutions that increase the quality and value of products. From consumer and commercial industries to textiles, healthcare and building materials, the approach to Microban partner products development provides odor, stain and mold-resistant products in over 30 countries.

Whether your products are consumer or commercial, people love knowing that these products are safer and cleaner than other products. You can see some of our partners listed here.

Microban Partner Products Offer Greater Value and Differentiation

In addition to incorporating antimicrobial technology that increases the value of the Microban partner product and gives it a longer useful lifespan, Microban serves as a Trustmark, which differentiates your products when you partner with Microban. Microban has built a positive reputation by providing consistent value that has come to be expected and respected in the industry. Microban offers these solutions and improvements for your products all while fitting into your long term strategic plan.

Ready to partner with Microban for products protected by our antimicrobial technology? Contact us today to make it happen!