Microban & Antimicrobial Agents

While it may be increasingly common for household and commercial products to be marketed with added antimicrobial technology, there is still an opportunity to educate both manufacturers and consumers on how these antimicrobial agents work to protect products. At Microban, our antimicrobial technology works differently from many providers in the market. By infusing antimicrobial agents into the product during manufacturing, we provide our partners and clients with numerous benefits that increase their product value.

Microban’s Antimicrobial Agents: How It’s Different

Unlike many antimicrobial technologies on the market today, Microban’s antimicrobial agents were developed for optimal product integration. This means that during the product manufacturing process, Microban’s antimicrobial additives can be infused with existing product materials for minimal manufacturing disruption. This reduces overhead cost while ensuring the antimicrobial technology is built into the product itself allowing for fasting acting antimicrobial protection.

Microban’s antimicrobial agents work to disrupt the vital life processes of microbes and prevent reproduction. Once the antimicrobial additive technology has been incorporated into your product, it begins to work as soon as microorganisms come into contact with a product surface. This eliminates surface microbial growth, keeping products fresher between routine cleanings.

Microban’s Antimicrobial Agents: Effective Product Marketing

The Microban brand backing our antimicrobial agents has helped our clients and partners market their products more effectively. One particularly tactic we encourage for successful product marketing, to highlight the power of our built-in antimicrobial technology, is ingredient branding.

Ingredient brands, like Microban, encourage consumers to make purchase decisions by providing them with the reassurance of a brand promise. Retailers around the world recognize the power of the Microban brand. This brand trust in the Microban name can reassure your partners they’re getting durable and effective antimicrobial protection. At Microban, we help our partners with continual marketing support throughout the development, manufacturing, and sales processes.

To learn more about how Microban provides powerful antimicrobial agents to products for protection against harmful microbial growth, contact us today!