Take a Hike, Smelly Sleeping Bags! Odor Control Solutions for Camping Gear

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you are no stranger to the lingering smells that your camping gear and outdoor apparel sustain over time. Warm and moist environments are the perfect conditions for your muddy, damp equipment to become stinky equipment. With Microban® odor control solutions, products like sleeping bags, backpacks, hiking boots, and socks stay fresher longer and are protected from harsh odors.

When Synthetic Apparel and Body Odor Mix

When it comes to finding the best odor control solutions to manage stinky apparel and outdoor products, we must first begin with how the odors are generated. There are two main elements that lead to the stink, and they are:

1. Sweat 

When we engage in activities, like hiking, jogging, or frisbee, our bodies can produce a lot of sweat. Rigorous exercises and physical activities can produce up to 10 liters of sweat in one day, and although you may not visibly see this much sweat, most of your sweat evaporates and the rest of it is transferred and absorbed into your clothing or recreational items, like backpacks for example. Odor control solutions work to fight the smells that sweat causes.

2. Bacterial Skin Flora

A recent study found that there were 8 trillion more skin flora bacteria on us and inside
of us than human cells. While the sweat that we mentioned above is not always odor-filled, body odors are generated on apparel when certain bacteria metabolize sweat compounds and release malodors.

Odor Control Solutions Leading the Way

Odor control solutions for textiles have been around for years, but the technology is not one-size-fits-all, which is why Microban has created custom odor control solutions to meet the needs of different types of apparel, footwear, and outdoor products.

ZPTech® Odor Control Solution

Our ZPTech odor control solutions help destroy odors before they have the chance penetrate textiles and apparel.

Odors tend to build up on fabrics and create a noticeable stench that will not go away after regular laundering. With Microban ZPTech, these odors are destroyed and the lifecycle of the fabrics are extended.

Microban Z Series Technology

Our Z Series technology, also known as Zinc pyrithione, is built in to over 1000 products, like foams, fabrics, and fibers, during the manufacturing process to inhibit the growth of bad odors.

Our Z Series odor control solution is ideal for warm, moist environments that may cause equipment to get wet, providing favorable conditions for odor-causing bacteria.


Microban Scentry technology works to absorb and trap odor molecules permanently. Because different odors range in pore size, our odor control technology employs a broad spectrum of pore sizes, allowing them to trap a wide range of odors.

This odor control solution can be customized to prevent a variety of specific odors is available in light and dark versions, and can be implemented into a wide variety of apparel, footwear, and outdoor products.

AEGIS® Odor Control Technology

Unprotected apparel and footwear support the growth of bacteria, and regular washing is rarely enough. To combat the foul, lingering smells in hiking boots and outdoor apparel, Microban offers AEGIS odor control solution.

The active ingredients in AEGIS helps form a protective coating that can molecularly bond with fabrics upon application. As such, AEGIS odor control solution works to reduce sweat and body odors more than 25 launderings.

Odor Control Solution Partners

At Microban, we know that each of our partners has a different need when it comes to odor control solutions and antimicrobial agents.

Venture Outdoors® partnered with our team to create odor control solutions for their camping mats, pads, and flooring. The entire line of camping and recreational products are protected by Microban odor control technologies, which work 24/7 to inhibit odor and stains.

Not only did Venture Outdoors hear and meet the growing consumer concerns about lingering odor in and on their products, they achieved a product that is consistent, reliable, and long-lasting from the inside out.

If you are ready for the stinky odors that impact your products to take a hike, contact us today. We are committed to finding custom odor control solutions that can meet and exceed the needs for your sleeping bag, footwear, or recreational product lines.