Odor Control for Footwear

Odor control in footwear can be a challenge. Did you know that a person’s foot can produce up to a half cup of sweat in one day? Gross, huh? Bacteria feeds on the organic material in sweat and then reproduces rapidly in the warm damp environment. The bacterial by-products are what give off the offensive smells that make us say “ew!”

Have you ever walked into a locker room and wondered why it smells sour? This smell develops after people sweat in their footwear – the bacterial growth is sustained by the moisture and oils released by the foot. Microban® offers two different innovative odor control technologies that can prevent these odors.

1. Odor Control for Footwear Using Microban Antimicrobial Technology

Microban antimicrobial technology inhibits the bacteria from multiplying. By reducing the level of bacteria, our technology reduces and eliminates the associated odor.

2. Odor Control for Footwear Using Microban Odor Capture Technology

Microban odor capture technology forms a protective barrier on fabrics that traps the body odor and neutralizes it once the bacteria start forming on the shoe.

Footwear components, such synthetic fabrics, come in contact with these odors and microbes and are not frequently laundered. Permastink often sets in and cannot be washed out. The porous nature of some of the foam found in footwear allows body oils and sweat to penetrate the interior of the sole where it cannot be cleaned out.

Microban preventative odor control technologies keep socks and footwear fresher for longer by neutralizing odors or inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungus, which provides long-lasting freshness and comfort.

Microban odor control additives are designed to be compatible with a variety of other performance technologies. In addition, materials protected with Microban odor control technology will retain their natural, desirable attributes.

Available Microban odor control technologies for footwear and socks include:

Microban antimicrobial product protection works 24/7 even between uses – protecting and preventing malodors. These odor control technologies are not designed to replace regular cleaning, but rather complement and extend the life of the shoe, keeping it fresher and cleaner for longer. Our odor control technologies add another level of defense in the fight against unwanted odors. Applied during the normal manufacturing processes, our technologies become a permanent and durable part of the footwear components and remain effective even if the shoe is nicked, scratched or abraded.

Microban is a system partner of bluesign®, which promotes sustainable textile production. Our technologies are compliant under global regulations including EPA-FIFRA and ECHA-BPR, ensuring that they have undergone stringent quality tests and have met the highest requirements for health and safety.

To learn more about how to integrate our odor control technology into your footwear and socks, contact us today!