Home is Where the Odor Protection Is

What if we told you that there was a way for your linens and home textiles to stay fresh longer and fight stinky odors, so you could enjoy more time relaxing in your clean sheets than cleaning your sheets? Don’t sweat it! The good news is true; Microban® odor control technology works to fight stink, creating odor protection that will keep your home smelling fresh.

Sweat Stinks, But You Don’t Have to with Odor Protection

There are a range of factors that contribute to the unpleasant smells that can linger in your home. Sweat on sheets and pillowcases, mold on bath mats, and sour shower curtain liners are all sources of stink throughout the house. Microban odor control technologies and odor protection solutions are infused into fabrics during manufacturing for a freshness that lasts.

From the corners of your linen closets to the bottoms of your shower curtains, these are some of the home textiles Microban odor control technology protects:

Stink Microban Can Fix: 

• Bath Mats
• Bath Towels
• Mattresses
• Shower Curtains
• Pillow Cases
• Sheets
• Mattress Pads

Stink Microban Can’t Fix:

• The milk you forgot to pour out before it soured
• Your grandma’s perfume
• The smell of cabbage cooking

Scentry® Odor Protection for Home Textiles

So now that you know what our odor control technologies protect, you may wonder how the stink happens? You wash your clothes regularly, you’re a clean person, and you hang your towels up to dry after you shower – in theory, your home textiles should be fresh.

Despite your regular washing, organic carboxylic acids embed in fabrics causing persistent odors in and on your home textiles. Scentry is one of many Microban odor control technologies that works to prevent permanent odors.

Scentry odor protection technology forms a protective barrier on fabrics that trap body odors, preventing home textiles from giving off an offensive smell during use and between washings. What’s better? During your regular washing, Scentry releases trapped odors, allowing them to be rinsed clear of the fabric. Whether standalone or combined with other Microban technologies (like AEGIS® and ZPTech®), it provides 360° odor protection, by capturing odors that start the stink.

Odor Protection Partners

Microban works with a vast number of partners to create and manufacture custom odor protection solutions to fit their individual needs.

EZ Dreams™ partnered with Microban to create a kid-certified Total Protection Pillow, and BACOVA engineered a Concentric Memory Foam Bath Rug with odor control and antimicrobial product protection.

Microban to Sponsor and Present at the “Stay Fresh, Sleep Well, Smart Textiles for the Home” Event During Market Week

During the New York Home Fashions Market, Microban sponsored the “Stay Fresh, Sleep Well, Smart Textiles for the Home” event on March 19, 2018. The event featured a cutting-edge presentation on consumer trends and innovations in odor protection and extended freshness solutions for home and hospitality textiles. The Microban presenters included Marsha Reier, Director of Business Development and Maria Diefenbach, Global Textiles Marketing Manager.

If you are looking for a protection that will allow you to worry less and enjoy life more, contact us today to learn how Microban odor protection technologies can defend your home textiles and products from unpleasant and stinky odors.