A Love Built to Last: Apparel & Odor Control Technology

Finding a love that is built to last can be a difficult quest, but at Microban®, we have found a pair that are made for each other: stinky garments and odor-control technologies. Okay – so there may be a lack of romance involved with this pair, but Microban odor control solutions are made to last wherever odors are involved.

Do You Love Fresh Laundry?

There is a little life luxury when it comes to a clean load of laundry -- the heat rising off the clothes and the fresh detergent scent, mmm – but you may have noticed some loads of clothing not smelling as fresh over time.

Maybe you have noticed your athleisure apparel starting to stink, or a pair of socks that just doesn’t smell fresh when you pull them out of the dryer. When you continuously sweat onto your clothing, the garments can harbor these undesirable smells, and after time hold on to them, even after washing.

When you think about your clean and fresh laundry being tainted by odors, the natural reaction may be to throw away every sticky shirt, sock, and sports bra in your possession. There is an easier solution to the problem, and it starts with Microban odor control technology.

Odor Control Technology Keeps Fabrics Smelling Fresh

Unfortunately, sweat and body odor are universal problems. Sometimes, no matter how often you wash your clothes, the stink lingers. From the start, Microban incorporates odor control technology into the textile production process. No matter how big or small the job, or what the application process is, Microban works with our partners to create sustainable solutions that improve the durability of apparel, footwear, and home textiles.

Odor control technology means you can wash less and wear more so that the last thing on your mind is an undesirable odor.

Durable Garments with Odor Control Solutions

Want freshness that will last long while keeping the high quality of your clothes after multiple washes? Apparel, footwear, and home textiles enhanced with Microban odor control technology have higher durability and require less laundering.

No matter how many times garments are laundered, odor control technology works to keep apparel and home textiles fresh and odor-resistant. Less laundering equals more durable and long-lasting garments. Odor control solutions deliver high performance and give consumers confidence that it is freeing, so they can worry more about living and less about odors and product durability.

While the love story of stinky apparel and odor control solutions may not be on the big screens any time soon, you can count on a happy ending with fresher textiles and product durability that lasts.

If you are interested in learning how odor control technology can work with your apparel, footwear, or home textiles lines, please contact us today!