What is Odor Control Technology?

With an increased industry focus on odor control technology for textiles, many companies are asking, “What is textile odor control technology?”

Odor control technology is simple. It prevents and/or captures unpleasant odors across a wide array of products including athletic shoes, running shorts, yoga pants, and more without negatively impacting the hand and moisture management properties of the fabric. As most consumers know, athletic apparel can retain unpleasant odors even after multiple washes. 8 in 10 consumers admitted to rewashing their activewear due to lingering odors, which is costly and time consuming. Odor control technology can reduce lingering odors through innovative technologies in multiple ways reducing unwanted and unpleasant odors. There are 3 different ways to control odors on textiles, odor capture technologies, antimicrobial technologies or an odor capture and antimicrobial technology.

Odor Control Technology

Odor control technology is applied directly to the fabric during the manufacturing process, providing a seamless integration into an existing manufacturing process with minimal impact.

Microban® developed a textile odor control technology, Scentry®, using innovative methodology, extensive body odor research, and real-life testing that captures up to 90% of body odors for up to 50 home launderings. Scentry forms a protective barrier on fabrics that attracts and traps odors preventing apparel from giving off unpleasant odors during wear and in-between washes. To learn more about this textile odor control technology or Scentry, contact the Microban team today.