Fresher Textile Products with Antimicrobial Treatments

Protecting all surfaces of your fabric and textiles with an antimicrobial treatment is critical for ensuring the lifetime value of your product. Microban® innovative technology for antimicrobial treatment for textiles and fabrics has proven effective to increase product freshness and resist unpleasant odors, particularly for footwear and uniforms.

With an antimicrobial treatment, your products stay fresher and cleaner for longer, increasing your product value.

Fresher Textiles with Antimicrobial Treatment

When considering the freshness of your product, it is important to understand the cause and behavior of odors on textiles. Microban recently conducted an odor study to determine the effect that Microban antimicrobial treatment and textile protection can have to reduce odors caused by bacteria for a fresher product.

In this study, two samples were tested: one was treated with a Microban antimicrobial treatment and one was left unprotected. The samples were inoculated with bacteria and the growth of bacteria was measured over a six-hour incubation period.

What was the result? The sample with a Microban antimicrobial treatment generated 250 times less malodor (bad odor) after the six-hour period than the sample left unprotected, and the protected sample stayed significantly fresher throughout the entire test period.

Antimicrobial Treatments For Textiles

Your Textile Products Stay Cleaner

Microorganisms like mold and bacteria can double every 20 minutes in damp and humid environments. All the more reason why textile products need to be designed and developed with an antimicrobial treatment in mind, especially athletic apparel and home textiles that are notoriously malodorous when exposed to sweat and moisture.

Microban can work with your team during the product design phase to ensure the antimicrobial treatment is designed to work with your fabrics to help you deliver a product that stays cleaner for your partners. Particularly with fabrics that are exposed to humid and moist environments on a regular basis, an antimicrobial treatment protects surfaces that otherwise support the growth and proliferation of bacteria.

Your Textile Products Last Longer

Working with our partners to understand their individual product development processes, Microban has incorporated these findings into our durability evaluation and testing methodology before releasing Microban textile technologies.

Some antimicrobial products that withstood our customized experiments and testing are those that are often exposed to humidity and repeated washing. Through simulated showers, hot vapor exposure and solvent exposures, our team ensured that Microban textile technologies would last well beyond the product’s useful life. Particularly for athletic apparel and home textiles, Microban antimicrobial treatments actively work between launderings to ensure fabrics stay fresh and clean for longer, inhibiting microbe growth and odor-causing bacteria.

Interested in hearing more examples of antimicrobial products and how we have ensured that they stay fresher and cleaner longer? Contact us today.