BPB Testing available for AEGIS® treated textiles

The Bromophenol Blue Test Method is designed to easily detect the presence of our AEGIS Technology on any treated fabric. It gives a quick indication of whether or not the substrate has been evenly treated.

From initial concept to additive development and integration, our experienced technical team offers support throughout the entire process of creating our partner’s AEGIS treated textile products.That includes on-site testing methods, to help you get your product to market faster. Our state-of-the art analytical laboratories allow us to perform microbiological validation testing to the appropriate test standard, followed by ongoing quality control testing throughout the course of our partnerships.

One test is the Bromophenol Blue Test also known as the BPB Test Method, which can be done anywhere, delivering results within minutes. Our team uses this method to quickly screen the presence of our AEGIS technology, to show whether the technology has been applied uniformly and consistently across the fabric.

Having onsite testing available for certain technologies allows us to provide our partners with cost savings during development that ensures the product at hand performs to the highest possible standard, increasing speed to market timelines and more.

View the video below for a step-by-step walk-through a BPB test:

AEGIS is the only technology on the market that can be tested onsite at a manufacturing facility as well as in as a lab. If you are testing the legitimacy of AEGIS in your own location, AEGIS treated fabric will absorb the BPB and turn blue, indicating the presence of the technology. If it the color is spotty or not a consistent deeper shade of blue it could signify that the textile is untreated or not treated properly. This is a quick screening tool that could also be affected by cationic dyes and finishing auxiliaries, and should not be used to test for antimicrobial efficacy.

Now more than ever, it’s critical for apparel, footwear and home textile brands to verify the authenticity of the raw materials they use in their products. Unfortunately, the supply of counterfeit components—distributed under the trademarks of reputable industry suppliers—is all too common.

Having a partner like Microban in your corner who is able to perform more than 40,000 tests annually, make us an ideal partner. Leave it to our experienced team of microbiologists, chemists and engineers to take care of your needs so you can focus on delivering the best product range for your consumers.

For more information on the BPB test method or our AEGIS technology contact us today.