Passing the Fungal Test with Custom Product Development & Antifungals

A growing concern about our exposure to fungus and mold, along with a willingness to stop the aesthetic and surface damage it can cause, has led many consumers to invest in products that have built-in antifungal agents. As the global leader in antimicrobial and antifungal solution technologies, Microban® is working with manufacturers who want their products to fight against the damage that fungus and mold can cause.

In this blog, we’ll look at how fungus and mold impacts everyday products, and how Microban can ensure your products pass the fungal test during the custom product development process.

Fungus and Mold – It’s Everywhere

You’ll find fungus and mold everywhere. Without antifungal coatings and additives in products, fungus and mold can dirty our bathroom ceramics, stain our windows, clog up our garbage disposal units, and produce unsightly patches in the depths of our basements. More often than not, mold and fungus growth is maximized in areas where there is high humidity, or water damage or dampness, making built-in antifungal agents key for preventing its growth.

Some people are reactive to fungus and mold. Exposure to it can cause nasal irritation, eye stuffiness, itchy skin and wheezing. For those who suffer from serious fungus and mold allergies, these reactions can be much worse.

How Antifungal Agents Fight Against Fungus and Mold In Everyday Products

Everyday products without antifungal additives that are exposed to fungus and mold can be impacted in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most noticeable is the aesthetic damage which is caused in products lacking antifungal agents, leaving mold and fungus to flourish. Unsightly black stains and marks can ruin the appearance of products, and green and orange marks dirty surfaces. Prolonged exposure to fungus and mold can also cause the product to deteriorate at a much quicker pace, impacting its durability, longevity, and product shelf life.

How Your Products Can Pass the Fungal Test with Antifungal Agents

Microban works with manufacturers during their custom product development process to infuse their products with antifungal protection. Our targeted antifungal solution technologies are incorporated into your product during your normal manufacturing process, becoming a vital part of the product itself. When the likes of fungus and mold come into contact with the product surface, Microban’s antifungal technology penetrates the cell wall of the microbe and disrupts key cell functions so that it cannot function or reproduce.

The Microban fungal testing lab also performs a wide range of industry standard methods to determine antifungal efficiency. All mycological analyses are carried out to include nutrient challenge protocols or in fungal chambers to imitate fungal-enhancing conditions.

Adding Antifungal Agents During Your Custom Product Development Process

Offering consumers a product that has antifungal capabilities built in during the custom product development and manufacturing process is a way to differentiate your product from those of your competitors and satisfy an ever-growing consumer demand. Provide your partners with an antifungal product that is focused on durability and longevity.

Want Antifungal Products That Pass the Fungal Test?

If you’re interested in Microban’s antifungal technologies or fungal testing laboratory services, simply contact us today!