Custom Product Development: How to Test for Bacteria

Different from other antimicrobial additives on the market today, Microban’s antimicrobial technology is tested and integrated into your products during the development process. Microban’s engineers works with your team to ensure optimal antimicrobial performance through a serious of bacteria testing prior to integration.

This sets your products apart from competition and increases the value of your product, ensuring a longer shelf live and protecting against degradation.

Custom Product Development: Bacteria Testing

During your custom product development process, Microban partners with clients to understand their product line and how it is manufactured. Understanding how your products are manufactured helps Microban determine what type of antimicrobial product protection will be most effective. We ensure that the antimicrobial application is integrated into your custom product development process to inhibit bacterial, mold and/or mildew growth.

Additionally, antimicrobial efficacy studies are performed in our bacteria laboratory to safeguard against future microbial growth that could lead to product degradation. Our team of microbiologists and chemists analyze your product samples, taking quantitative and qualitative measurements for bacteria tests and evaluating the for performance against both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria to ensure broad spectrum performance.

Custom Product Development: Mold Testing

Similar to bacteria testing during your custom product development process, mold testing validates antifungal efficacy. Our commitment to testing all of our antimicrobial applications is evident in the 30,000 analytical, microbiological and bacteria tests conducted annually. By using industry standard testing methods for mold testing, we evaluate our partner’s wide range of products globally to analyze the effectiveness of our various technologies that are integrated during the custom product development process.

Specifically, for mold testing, our team takes partner product samples and tests with nutrient challenge protocols or the fungal chamber which can simulate specific environmental conditions that foster mold growth. By analyzing these samples, we determine the level of mold-inhibiting effectiveness of our antimicrobial additives.

To learn more about how Microban’s bacteria testing adds value to your product line, contact us today!