Differentiate Your Product with Antimicrobial Technology

When trying to differentiate your products from those of a competitor, you might consider ROI strategies such as increased advertising, line extensions and new product launches. However, protecting your products with an antimicrobial technology and working with Microban provides a much more attractive and permanent solution. Below, we’ll highlight a number of ways that partnering with Microban and infusing your products with antimicrobial technology can help to differentiate products within the marketplace.

With Antimicrobial Technology: Promote Cleanliness and Microbe-Fighting Benefits

By infusing antimicrobial technology within your product range, you can promote a number of consumer benefits that are cleanliness-driven (something that your competitors cannot often do). The surface of your product will be protected from harmful microbial growth, including that which provokes stains, odors and even mold. When combined with regular disinfecting routines, the addition of antimicrobial technology to your product will ensure that it is kept fresher and cleaner for longer - perfect for the typical cleanliness-concerned consumer.

With Antimicrobial Technology: Manufacture a Long-Lasting & Durable Product

Harmful microbes can quicken the deterioration of a product, and if left unclean, stains, odors and mold can contaminate the surface and shorten the usable life of the product. By equipping your product with an antimicrobial additive from Microban, you’re helping to prolong its usable life as the surface will be protected against these product-damaging microbes. The inclusion of antimicrobial technology will allow you to promote your product as long-lasting and durable, which can help to sway consumer purchase decisions.

With Antimicrobial Technology: Get Ahead of Competition with Category & Territorial Exclusivity

It is easy maintain product differentiation with Microban’s category and territorial exclusivity options. A partnership with Microban allows you to gain a real competitive advantage within your marketplace, because we can limit the number of companies in any industry leveraging the Microban brand name and promoting our antimicrobial technology protective benefits.

With Antimicrobial Technology: Satisfy Ever-Growing Consumer Demand

Consumers now understand the clear benefits of antimicrobial technology, especially with its promoted use in healthcare facilities, public gyms, public toilets etc. Now consumers can experience similar benefits at home. By infusing your products with antimicrobial technology, you can satisfy an ever-growing consumer demand for products that have the ability to fight against harmful microbes and that are cleanliness-driven. Using Microban’s antimicrobial technology with your products, you create a real distinction between yourself and your competitors.