Antimicrobial Solutions for Building Materials

It’s often said that you cannot build a great structure on a weak foundation, and when microbes begin to degrade building materials, they tear away at these solid foundations, resulting in structural damage and visible stains and odors.

While there are thousands of products that are negatively impacted by the growth of microbes, building products are of specific concern because of the high costs of installations, maintenance, and repairs of these items.

The best defense for ensuring a quality lifespan for your building materials is to use Microban® antimicrobial solutions, like antimicrobial paint and antimicrobial cleaner, for mold prevention and product protection.

Antimicrobial Solutions Built from the Foundation Up

Microbes do not discriminate between which building materials they choose to inhabit. In fact, microbes exist on every surface and environment that we encounter on a daily basis and outnumber us in every way. It is easy to imagine microbes growing in the dirtier places that we clean regularly, like toilet seats, sinks, tile and countertops. But since we know that microbes are not choosy about where and what they inhabit, microbes also attack the unsuspecting building materials, such as insulation, paints, sealants, and grout.

While consumers may not realize it, microbes are present on surfaces even before the stains, mold, and odors become apparent. Once your consumers are made known of the presence of microbes through visible stains and odors, the product degradation has already begun. Ultimately, this degradation leads to structural damage, decreased product integrity and shorted life span of the product.

Your goal as a company is to provide your customers with the best building materials, the best value, with the best reputation. At Microban, that’s our goal, too. We believe that antimicrobial solutions and antimicrobial cleaner, for mold prevention and product production should be a foundational element for each and every product. Our engineers design unique compounds from the ground up to fit your building’s product protection needs, so your materials can provide the strongest foundations.

Making the Case with Antimicrobial Paint Coatings

One industry leader, Davis Frost Paints, heard and understood their consumers’ increasing concerns over the presence of mold, mildew, stains, and odors on painted surfaces in residential and commercial facilities. Putting the customer first, Davis Frost Paints partnered with us to manufacture a range of paint lines with Microban antimicrobial paint technology.

Positioned as one of the most diversified coating manufacturers in the US, Davis Frost Paints worked with Microban to ensure their products provided an extra level of protection against the growth of microbes on the surface of their paints. So, you might be wondering, how did they do it?

Microban infuses antimicrobial paint solutions into the paint and coatings during the manufacturing process. With the technologies incorporated at foundational level during the production stage, the antimicrobial paint additives will not wear off or wash away over time, providing Davis Frost products with a coating that has active antimicrobial technology throughout the product life span.

By partnering with Microban, who are specialists in antimicrobial paint additives, Davis Frost listened to their consumers and satisfied the needs of their homeowners, contractors, and industrial partners.

Your Personalized Antimicrobial Solutions

When it comes to our partners, Microban is committed to collaborating openly to uncover antimicrobial solutions and antimicrobial cleaner for mold throughout the development process. While the product development for Davis Frost Paints makes a compelling case, it is only a glimpse into Microban technology and solutions capabilities for building materials.

From durability requirements to marketing support, we supply our partners with thorough onboarding to help them seamlessly deploy their new antimicrobial solutions.

During the planning phase, Microban antimicrobial technologies seasoned experts discuss the important factors surrounding your product and the designated antimicrobial solutions to be implemented. Once the planning phase is complete, the Microban engineering team takes projects to the next level with additive design.

To pinpoint the best solution and ideal mixture for your products, our team tests numerous formulations. From product compatibility, durability, and performance, our team will check every box to ensure you’re delivering the best product with the highest value to your consumers.

Are you ready to strengthen the foundation of your products with Microban technology? Contact us to find the best solution for your building materials today.