Look Like You Work Out. Don't Smell Like It.

Activewear has never been more popular with consumers, and much of that popularity can be attributed to the comfort and wicking properties clothing and footwear offer. But the products also offer something else: permastink.


Activewear is often made from synthetics, polyester, nylon and elastane blends, which all retain odors.

Because washing alone does little to prevent or remove those odors, it doesn’t take long before your running shoes or yoga pants are rendered useless by an overpowering—and certainly unwelcome—stench. 

Get more from - and for - your apparel. The main causes of odor in textiles are organic carboxylic acids, which can cause persistent or permanent odor. Microban Odor Control Technology forms a protective barrier on fabrics that traps body odor, preventing apparel from giving off an offensive smell during wear and between washings. It can also capture odors that transfer to the textiles from external sources, such as your body or the environment. The odor is then washed out during normal laundering and the garment is renewed. 

In fact, the non-antimicrobial solution reduces odors by >90% after more than 50 typical home launderings. And, because our Odor Control Technology eliminates one of the major complaints about synthetic fabrics, it extends the useful life of clothing, increasing its value.