Antimicrobial Protection

An intrinsic part of your antimicrobial product.


Microban® antimicrobial protection prevents bacterial and fungal buildup on textiles, foam, fiberfill and more.

Antimicrobial protection is incorporated into products during the manufacturing process.

Because of this, when bacteria, mold, mildew and other microbes encounter the antimicrobial product, the antimicrobial agents penetrate the cell walls of the microbes, preventing the microbes from growing or reproducing. Our engineers formulate the antimicrobials to continuously resist stains, odors and product degradation throughout the product’s lifetime. In other words, incorporating our antimicrobial protection technology causes products to remain fresher for longer. 

Understanding the fundamentals of antimicrobial protection within odor control.

Micro-organisms and odors can have a destructive effect on clothing and other products. Understanding how they function is critical to designing technologies that control the odors, stains and degradation they ultimately cause.

Microbes & Bacteria

Bacteria are present in soil, air, water, on plants and even on animals and humans. Many strains of bacteria are beneficial to animals and the environment, including the bacteria that help human food digestion. However, other bacteria can adversely affect everyday products we use in our lives, causing stains, odors and product deterioration. Our product development team formulates solutions to help partnered companies integrate antimicrobial protection that extends the useful life of their products.

Microbes & Fungus

Fungi are commonly referred to as mold and begin life as microscopic airborne spores that germinate with the moist surfaces of nonliving organic matter. Mold then penetrates the organic material, secretes enzymes, and absorbs water and the digested sugars from the nutrient source.

Many products found in and around homes provide rich nutrient sources for mold spores. The best defense is prevention: control moisture levels in your home and look for products that resist mold growth. Microban antimicrobial protection helps prevent uncontrolled microbial growth and keeps antimicrobial products cleaner for longer.

Microbes & Algae

Algae produce more oxygen than all plants combined and play an invaluable role in our ecosystem. Yet, while humans have found positive uses for algae in food, shampoos and some medications, algae can also damage product surfaces such as swimming pool filters, boat hulls and home exteriors. Our protective antimicrobial technologies hinder the uncontrolled growth of damaging algae.

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