Next-Generation Antimicrobial Technologies to be showcased at HEIMTEXTIL 2023

Nov 21, 2022

Microban is looking forward to showcasing its next-generation of antimicrobial and odor-capture technologies at Heimtextil 2023.

Heimtextil is the leading international trade show for home and contract textiles, attracting over 62,970 trade visitors from around the world. Taking place from 1-13 January 2023 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

Microban is thrilled to be exhibiting at Heimtextil in Hall 11 at Booth D20, where the team will be showcasing a new range of sustainable technologies for home textiles.

Common Home Textile Applications for Microban Technologies

Mbns22 Microban Textiles Bedroom


Bedrooms are often regarded as the most important room in the house, so keeping them healthy and clean is essential for rest and comfort - starting with the type of bedding chosen. Mattresses, duvets, and bed sheets, for example, have large surfaces that are more likely to absorb sweat and harbor invisible nasties, resulting in unhygienic sleeping conditions.

Integrating Microban antimicrobial technologies into bedding and sheets offers consumers more effective, longer-lasting protection against nasty microbes, reducing the potential for odors, stains, and harmful bacteria to develop.

Mbns22 Microban Textiles Bathroom Towels

Bathroom textiles

Bath towels, mats and shower curtains are vulnerable to bacteria build-up and mildew

which can lead to musty odors and faded colors that can affect the aesthetics and durability of the product over time. Microban solutions can be seamlessly incorporated into a range of bath textile products to proactively protect the product and surface from invisible nasties.

Mbns22 Microban Textiles Rug Carpet

Carpets and rugs

Floor coverings are subject to the daily wear and tear of modern day living. With heavy foot traffic, muddy paws, and other daily contaminants, the soft-plush texture can easily become a trap of dirt, bacteria, dust mites and more. Carpets and rugs enhanced with built-in antimicrobial protection offer an added layer of surface protection against microbial growth for their expected lifetime, keeping the product cleaner and fresher for longer between cleans.

Mbns22 Microban Textiles Home Furnishings

Home furnishing

Large and heavy, these items can be challenging to keep clean, especially without compromising the original aesthetic. Home furnishings manufactured with built-in Microban antimicrobial technology are inherently fresher and more durable, providing consumers with added peace of mind and reducing risk of premature disposal.