Michael Ruby Joins Clean Talk Podcast This Month

May 04, 2022

Microban International President, Michael Ruby, is slated to join the Clean Talk: The State of Infection Control podcast by Seal Shield May 18.

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Michael Ruby, President of Microban International, will be joining Bradley Whitchurch in a conversation on the Clean Talk podcast airing May 18.

Clean Talk: The State of Infection Control is a weekly podcast presented by Seal Shield that features new thought-leaders with backgrounds in healthcare and technology. Each week, guests explore unique, upcoming solutions and innovations that are helping to solve infection control issues alongside host Bradley Whitchurch, Founder and CEO of Seal Shield.

Founded in 2006, Seal Shield is the inventor of the world’s first dishwasher-safe keyboard and mouse. Today, Seal Shield is the world leader in innovation, development, and manufacturing of industrial-grade solutions, including waterproof keyboards and mice, UV resistant multilayer screen protectors, advanced polymer materials, and UV-C Sanitization Systems for portable devices & equipment.

On May 18, Michael Ruby will be the Clean Talk podcast's featured guest, where listeners will be able to learn all about Microban® antimicrobial and odor control technologies and how built-in solutions are helping to advance microbial control and prevention solutions across healthcare, commercial and residential environments.

Clean Talk airs live on Wednesdays from 3-4pm EST on all social channels. Learn more on the official Clean Talks website.

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