White Papers

We supply our partners and clients with the educational resources needed to make an informed decision about adding our antimicrobial solutions to their products. In these white papers, we provide examples of antimicrobial products and technologies to address questions during research. To learn more, read the full white papers featuring in-depth studies from trusted industry professionals.


Antimicrobials In Healthcare

Healthcare Associated Infections are an increasing concern due to increased costs of medical care. Considering the patient environment of care will continue to improve on hand hygiene, increase monitoring of environmental surfaces, introduce novel disinfection techniques, and utilize embedded antimicrobials.

Microban Silvershield® Technology: Reduction of Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination of Refrigeration Units

The effect of Listeria, a bacterial foodborne pathogen, when consumed by humans can be deadly. Research studies show how difficult it is to eradicate the microbial growth of Listeria after it comes in contact with a food processing or refrigeration surface.

Microban Ceramics Antimicrobial Technologies

Learn why Microban Technology is the best choice for antimicrobial protection in ceramic applications

ZPTech®: The Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial

Microban launches ZPTech®, a broad spectrum antimicrobial that is effective against bacteria, mold, and mildew

Microban Toilet Swab Study: Investigating the Cleanliness of Public Restroom Toilets

We recently conducted a swab study on public restroom toilets, and the results may surprise you.

The Plume: Controlling Bacteria Growth on Bathroom Surfaces

Our R&D team tests the spread of microbes from the "Toilet Plume" phenomenon.

The Next Generation of Silver Technology

Microban launches SilverShield®, a silver-based polymer technology that works eight times faster than other silver antimicrobials.

The Use of Incorporated Silver-Based Antimicrobials in Silicone Medical Devices

Dr. Ivan Ong, of Microban International, reviews the need for antimicrobial protection on medical devices using silver-based antimicrobials.

Passive purification—Effectiveness of photocatalytic titanium dioxide to convert pathogens and pollutants

Microban blogger, Karen Welch, writes compelling article for American Ceramic Society Bulletin

Achieving Antimicrobial Protection in Coatings

Our R&D team provides an in-depth study on industry test standards used to evaluate antimicrobial efficacy in paint.