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Since its establishment in 1882, Danskin has worked its way to the authority in dance apparel. Through a development of over a century, the brand products expanded from ballet dancers’ props to a new realm of its customers’ daily lives. No matter what they do or how they move, the legacy Danskin has built on self-expression and aspiration keeps empowering women in every aspect of their lives.

Danskin has supported modern women who strive for mental and physical health by providing quality products that easily move with every stretch and action.. In support of this mission, the brand created a sportswear line, Awaken Your Beauty, that achieves the perfect balance between aesthetically pleasing design and performance.

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Many are embarrassed by their sweat and body odor and how it permeates their sportswear, yet few know that sweat by itself is odorless. The unpleasant smell is caused by microbes metabolizing the organic compounds found in sweat. Garments quickly end up in landfills once the user sees that the stinky smell cannot be removed, even after laundering. Understanding customer’s concerns about performance and sustainability, Danskin partnered with Microban to create a series of products to deliver the extended freshness and other value-added benefits to its customers, as detailed below:

  1. Stay focused. It empowers the user to focus more on each action and stretch without worrying about unpleasant sweaty odor.
  2. Wear it more. The antimicrobial and odor control feature enables sportswear to be worn more often and laundered less.
  3. Wear it longer. Microban technologies help prevent permastink from building up in fabrics, which helps extend the lifetime of your Danskin sportswear.
  4. Be sustainable. You can lessen the garment's environmental impact by washing it less and preventing its premature disposal. Danskin helps every wearer make a direct contribution to our planet.

If your products can benefit from the value Microban offers, do not hesitate to contact us.