Why Building Materials Need Antimicrobial Solutions

Did you know that consumer awareness about the presence of microbes on building materials is growing? You may have heard us mention this growing consumer concern in our recent blog posts on antimicrobial solutions for flooring and insulation, but in case you missed it, consumers care – a lot. For this reason alone, it is time to explore why it’s imperative that building materials receive the same antimicrobial protection as your baby products, food containers, and kitchen appliances.

Build it Better with Antimicrobial Solutions

If you’re reading this, you’re likely sitting inside a building somewhere whether on your computer or on your mobile device. What’s the building like that you are sitting in? Is it your home, your office, or your local coffee shop? How old is the building and what is it made of?

When buildings are constructed, no matter the type, they are intended to last. So, shouldn’t the building materials that make up these houses, offices, and restaurants be made to last, too?

Without protection from antimicrobial solutions, the components that make up the buildings around you, like insulation, flooring, and door hardware, are susceptible to degradation, staining, and odors from microbial growth over time. In our book, a building material without antimicrobial protection, is not built to last.

How Antimicrobial Solutions Work to Protect Products, Big & Small

One of the many reasons our partners choose to work with our team at Microban, is because we find solutions for products, no matter how big or small. Through our thorough and customized process, we work with building material partners to find an antimicrobial solution that meets their needs.

Our process is pretty simple:

  1. Our team of engineers develop a customized antimicrobial solution to meet our partners’ objectives for product protection – sounds good, right?
  2. During the manufacturing process, the antimicrobial technology is integrated into our partners’ building and construction materials – let us handle the heavy lifting!
  3. Microban antimicrobial solutions continue to work for the life of the building materials and will not wash off or wear away – and that’s how we build it better.

With Microban antimicrobial protection, our antimicrobial solutions address the problems of degradation, stains, and odors in and on building and commercial products by helping to prevent and control microbial growth on surfaces.

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can partner with Microban for around-the-clock protection for your building protects and improve their durability, contact us today!