What’s the Secret Ingredient? Antimicrobial Treatments for Commercial Kitchens

The work that goes on inside commercial kitchens touch the lives (and mouths) of millions of people each and every day, which makes food safety of utmost concern and importance. Tackling microbial growth and bacteria build up in commercial kitchens is the foundation of food safety, which is why Microban® has worked with partners to create antimicrobial treatments and solutions for a range of commercial kitchen products and appliances.

Areas in the Kitchen that Benefit from Antimicrobial Treatments

Germs and bacteria do not discriminate against the areas where they grow and spread, which is why we have your commercial kitchen antimicrobial treatment needs covered from top to bottom. While you can learn more about the reasons to integrate antimicrobial products into food service products and equipment here, we breakdown areas in the kitchen that can benefit from these antimicrobial solutions:

Kitchen Tools

Think of the range of kitchen tools that touch your food in commercial kitchens – rubber spatulas, whisks, spoons, and rubber tip brushes. For as many different types of kitchen tools there are, there are ten times the microbes and bacteria. Without the right antimicrobial treatments and protection, these tools harbor germs that go on to touch other items in the kitchen.

Sink Drains

Sink drains see the grease, grime, and waste of the kitchen and as such, they see their fair share of bacteria and germ growth. The film that builds up on drains, traps, and garbage disposals is covered with bacteria that continues to multiply.

In these hard to reach areas, antimicrobial treatments are imperative for keeping areas resistant to microbial growth.

Kitchen Appliances

The bigger the appliance, the more room there is for microbial invasion. Large kitchen appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, are some of the most likely places in commercial kitchens to harbor germs.

In addition to these large appliances, small appliances, like blenders and coffee makers also are susceptible for being prime hotspots for microbes. Microban works with our partners to customize a range of antimicrobial treatments for large, medium, and small appliances.

Food Storage Containers & Storage Shelving

Because of the porous nature of rubber seals and components, food storage containers are vulnerable to bacteria and microbial growth, even if they are considered “food-grade” safe. Even with regular cleaning and disinfecting, microbial growth is prone to occur. Antimicrobial treatments for food storage containers help protect commercial kitchen products, like food storage containers and shelving, from the inside out.

Kitchen Surfaces and Cutting Boards

Most kitchen surfaces and cutting boards see raw meats on a daily basis. Raw meats carry a host of harmful bacteria, like E.Coli, which can be fatal to consumers, especially children. While raw meat is a top host of harmful bacteria, other items that are set on kitchen surfaces (bags, boxes, and food preparation items) can transfer microbes and germs onto a clean surface.

Kitchen Flooring

Keeping floors clean is a key priority in the hospitality industry, especially where food is prepared or served. State health and safety regulations, require special attention be paid to flooring surfaces. That said, cleaning the kitchen floors can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks of the day for food service personnel. One option for kitchen operators is to install flooring with Microban antimicrobial treatments, that are built-in to the flooring itself. While the flooring is not a substitute for regular cleaning and disinfecting practices, it does help keep the surface of floors cleaner for longer by inhibiting the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria.

Custom Antimicrobial Treatments for Partners

Whatever the need, whether it be for antimicrobial solutions for an entire kitchen floor or for a small blender, Microban works with partners to customize solutions that make the most sense and add the most value to their products.

In addition to working with partners for commercial needs, Microban also makes antimicrobial solutions for consumer products. Visit The Cleaner Home to explore the many hotspots found in residential kitchens and the solutions that are available for these microbe-susceptible areas.

Polylast Systems, a flooring provider in the hospitality industry, partnered with Microban to create a flooring solution that contains an antimicrobial treatment that is permanently affixed to the subsurface. In addition to the ease of cleaning it provides, it’s eliminates the costly chore of frequent removal and cleaning of rubber mats.

By the very nature of the food service environment, food-contacted surfaces are readily contaminated by microbes from human contact and food residues. With a range of contributing factors, like soil, food residues, moisture, human contacts, and non-adherence to cleaning and sanitizing protocols, visually clean surfaces are susceptible to microbial growth and survival.

Along with Polylast Systems, we have partnered with Great Dane, Hussman, and Chicopee for custom antimicrobial treatments. Through working with our engineers, these partners have produced the following antimicrobial commercial kitchen products:

  • Nonwoven cleaning fabrics and finished packaged wipes with antimicrobial protection built-in (Chicopee – Chix® Towels)
  • Antimicrobial treated refrigerator components, like display units and handles, that slow the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria (Hussman)
  • Refrigerated truck bodies with antimicrobial technology built into the lining of the truck bodies that will not wash off or wear away and help provide ongoing protection against the growth of bacteria that can cause stains, odors, and product degradation (Great Dane)

Through antimicrobial treatments and custom solutions, Microban works with partners to meet current industry regulations and enhance what is already being done right. If you are interested in learning more about our commercial or consumer antimicrobial treatments for kitchens, contact us today!