Cleaning Tools With Antimicrobial Technology Built In – Why It Makes Sense

From mops, brooms, and Roombas, to dusters and toilet brushes, there are a plethora of cleaning tools designed to help us with cleaning, disinfecting, and everything in between. While these items are designed to keep your lives cleaner, they are often exposed to large amounts of dirt and microbes which can have a negative impact on the usefulness and cleanliness of the product. Did you know that your cleaning products aren’t as clean as you think and could benefit from the application of antimicrobial agents?

How Can Antimicrobial Solutions Work with your Cleaning Supplies?

The more we use our cleaning tools that lack antimicrobial agents, the more vulnerable they become to microbial contamination. As products become inhabited with microbes, they deteriorate faster, and this can make them less effective when it comes to cleaning. Even by cleaning and wiping down your brushes and mop buckets, it’s rare that they are fully disinfected or clean enough to remain sanitary.
Using cleaning products that are contaminated with microbes and dirt, can:

  • Negate the cleaning that you’re trying to achieve
  • Spread additional microbes and bacteria
  • Create an environment for microbes to grow in new areas
  • Contribute to product deterioration

Keeping your cleaning tools free of microbial growth is achievable with Microban antimicrobial solutions. We partner with top cleaning product brands, such as Quickie and BISSELL, to create antimicrobial solutions that are built-in to their products during the manufacturing process. This microbe-fighting technology cannot be washed off and does not wear away, works around the clock to fight against microbial growth, and lasts the useful lifetime of the product.

Why Consumers Care About Products with Antimicrobial Agents

With increased interest of antimicrobial solutions growing across many industries, this is why consumers care about purchasing products with antimicrobial protection:

1. Reassurance

Customers have a peace of mind knowing that they are choosing tools and products that fight against microbial growth and are the cleanest of clean.
Without protection through antimicrobial agents, consumers could risk cleaning with tools that are contaminated with microbes. Microban antimicrobial solutions inhibit microbial growth on the surface of the cleaning tool, helping it to stay fresher and cleaner for longer.

2. Slower Deterioration Process

Allowing your cleaning tools to become contaminated with microbes can significantly quicken their deterioration. Just like most things, cleaning products need to be disinfected regularly to ensure that they are fresh and safe to use.

A cleaning tool which has Microban antimicrobial solutions built in works around the clock to fight against microbes that can have a negative impact on the tool itself.

3. Wide Range of Cleaning Products with Antimicrobial Agents

Mop handles, dustpans, toilet brushes, and microfiber mitts - there are a plethora of cleaning products available for you to purchase with Microban antimicrobial agents built in, all of which can help you tackle numerous cleaning tasks.
No matter the product, we work with our partners to find the best Microban technology to suit their needs. If your interest in partnering with Microban to find a custom antimicrobial solution for your product needs, please contact us today!