Antimicrobial Protection for Textiles in Healthcare

Ironically, the healthcare environment can be one that harbors pathogens, which is a problematic situation for patients who are already combatting an illness that medical professionals strive to prevent. Unfortunately, patients can be exposed to harmful bacteria the minute they enter a hospital room. A prior patient having an infection can increase the risk of a new patient getting a Hospital-Acquired Infection (HAI) even after the room is cleaned, long after the prior patient has been vacated. Knowing this, it is evident that there is a need for antimicrobial protection in healthcare facilities.

Antimicrobial Protection of Medical Textiles

Surprisingly, medical doctors themselves can even be sources of bacteria, and can transfer bacteria through the use of medical textiles—specifically lab coats. A recent research study conducted by the University of Maryland showed that 65% of medical personnel change their lab coats less than once a week, and 15% admitted to changing their lab coats less than once a month, demonstrating that there is a need for antimicrobial protection of medical textiles.

Although these materials are often assumed to be clean and protected, privacy curtains and other fabrics used in doctor’s offices, urgent care facilities and hospitals are especially susceptible to bacteria. Patients should not have to deal with additional worries about the presence of bacteria in the healthcare environment, on top of their existing health concerns. Luckily this stress can be mitigated by using Microban® antimicrobial technologies.

How Can Antimicrobial Protection Increase Healthcare Cleanliness?

Considering that 97% of healthcare workers confirmed that they have concerns about the presence of bacteria in healthcare facilities like their own, as well as on medical textiles, there is certainly an opportunity for antimicrobial protection on the materials utilized in the healthcare setting. Healthcare products that are treated with antimicrobials such as masks, dressings, and lab coats are just a few of the many products that can benefit from built-in antimicrobial technology designed to prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria, while improving the environment that the materials occupy.

Microban Antimicrobial Technologies Keep Medical Textiles Cleaner for Longer

Embedded antimicrobials can be incorporated into other textile-based materials such as bedding and gowns. Additionally, antimicrobials can be incorporated into single-use, disposable, non-woven products such as absorbent bed protectors, which are all products that are in close contact with the patient throughout the duration of their stay and are sometimes never cleaned or changed during that time. Microban antimicrobial technologies provide proactive protection and are designed to treat a variety of polymer and fabric surfaces. They are proven to keep textiles cleaner between cleanings.

Since Microban antimicrobial technologies have been engineered to not wash away or wear off, they provide powerful cleaning protection for the useful life of the product or garment. From antimicrobial design to masterbatch production, we encourage partner collaboration. Our proactive antimicrobial systems keep products cleaner and control odors by preventing problems and damaging microbial growth before they start, enhancing textiles in healthcare across the globe.

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