Considering Antimicrobial Protection for Textiles

Selecting the appropriate treatment for an antimicrobial fabric can seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. At Microban® we understand your concerns with choosing the correct antimicrobial protection and are here to provide support every step of the way. Our team of experts work closely with textile product developers to incorporate Microban antimicrobial treatments in a textile product development process.

Selecting a Microban Antimicrobial Treatment

Consider the following before selecting a Microban antimicrobial treatment for your textiles.

Type of Antimicrobial Protection

What type of antimicrobial protection do you need for your products? Whether you are looking for odor control or to extend the life of the antimicrobial fabric, we will find the best technology to suit your needs. Microban antimicrobial treatment is effective against most common bacteria, molds and fungi. These microorganisms will cause product degradation, stains and odors

Type of Textile

The type of fabric being used can also influence the antimicrobial needed to achieve the required effect. There are many different types of fabrics made up of different kinds of fibers – natural or man-made and blends in between. Microban utilizes a vast portfolio of custom technologies for antimicrobial protection such as SilverShield® and ZPTech®. We are committed to supplying the best fit for your textile type. Additionally, our technologies have versatility of application that allows the Microban antimicrobial treatments to be applied under different application methods like pad application, exhaust or even sprayed.

Performance Durability

Although some textiles are single use, most are washed multiple times throughout their lifetime. Microban technologies continue to perform and protect the antimicrobial fabric, even after 25-50 home launderings. Because Microban antimicrobial treatments continue to fight against the growth of microbes, it makes products easier to clean and keeps them fresher between washes. 

Ready to select a Microban antimicrobial treatment for your product? Contact us today to get started!