10 Reasons to Add Odor Protection Technologies to Your Products

Odor control technology brings benefits to both textile manufacturers and end users alike. We outline 10 benefits of integrating our various odor protection agents into your textile product lines. Microban® odor control technology works to improve your product’s use, increase shelf life for consumers, and protect the environment.

Odor Protection Benefits for Apparel and Textiles

At Microban, we have developed a new odor protection agent using innovative apparel methodologies, like odor capture. Based on extensive odor research and testing, our odor capture technology is effective at catching up to 90% of odors for up to 50 home cleanings.

Applied directly to the fabric during the manufacturing process, Microban odor control technology provides a seamless integration into our partners’ existing manufacturing processes to ensure an overall, higher quality product. Our antimicrobial + odor protection synergy provides your textile products with a complete protection and innovative apparel edge by preventing bacterial growth and capturing stinks on contact.

Here are just a few of the added textile product benefits treated with our odor protection agents:

  • Fresher Textiles
  • Innovative Apparel
  • Textile Stain Prevention
  • Longer Lasting Textile Odor Control
  • Increased Textile Product Use & Life Cycle

Odor Control Technology Environmental Benefits

Rewashing apparel and home textiles comes with a cost. It requires time and money while quickening fabric degradation and negatively impacting the environment through increased water and utilities use.

When a textile product has an added antimicrobial or odor protection agent, the odor solution can capture stink and prevent future unwanted and unpleasant smells. It also can significantly reduce the number of fabric launderings.

Here are a few of the environmental protective benefits likely to result from using a product with odor control technology:

  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Lower Frequency of Wash
  • Safe for Employees during Textile Manufacturing
  • Easily Integrated into Textile Product Development

Learn More About the Microban Odor Protection Process

At Microban, we understand the many benefits that can result from integrating new additives and odor protection solutions into your existing textile product line. This is why our team gets involved early in the product development process and advises our partners on the best possible odor control technology options, whether that is an antimicrobial, odor capture, or combination of both.

Contact us today to learn more about how Microban partners with textile manufacturers around the globe to create innovative apparel by adding leading odor control technology to their products.