Antibacterial Chopping Boards & Sink Mats From Star Industrial and Microban®

Established in 1949, Star Industrial Co., Ltd. has become the largest plastic products manufacturer in Hong Kong. Its "Red A" brand name is highly recognized in the plastics industry, both locally and internationally.

Operating from their 250,000 sq. ft. factory, the company manufacturers over 600 products. Star Industrial’s unique portfolio includes housewares, kitchenware, catering & restaurant supplies, office products, heavy-duty containers, component parts and medical containers. It also provides unique in-house OEM services for customers worldwide.

Stringent quality control procedures allow Star Industrial to stay one step ahead of its competitors. From initial product development, through to shipping and after sales service, Star Industrial make the monitoring of product specifications & international safety standards its main priority.


Cleaner, Fresher Kitchenware for Consumers and Business Professionals

A commitment to providing customers with the best possible products is why Star Industrial is partnered with Microban International.

Microban® SilverShield antimicrobial technology is seamlessly manufactured into Star Industrial’s range of cutting boards and sink mats. This added product protection works continuously to prevent the growth of bacteria on the treated surface. The result is a kitchenware product that stays cleaner in-between cleanings and is less susceptible to premature degradation caused by microbes.

"Microban's ability to combat a wide spectrum of microbes, including Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, makes Red-A stand out to be the innovator for modern professional catering services."

Ms. Jessica Leung | Business Development Director

Additional Features of Antimicrobial Cutting Boards

  • Non slip surface
  • Double sided - can handle cooked or uncooked food with the same board
  • Resistant to odors and staining
  • Easier to clean than wooden chopping boards
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material complies with FDA standards

Additional Features of Antimicrobial Sink Mats

  • Protect sink and cushion breakable items
  • Can fit any size sink
  • Resistant to odors and staining
  • Easy clean
  • Made of TPE soft plastic material with a non-slip feature
  • Raised feet allow for adequate air and water flow
  • Can be used as a drying mat for washed dishes & glasses
  • Material complies with FDA standards

If you would like to find out more about Star Industrial’s antimicrobial plastic kitchenware, contact Microban® today.