What is Odor Control and how can Microban help?

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Overview - Microban Odor Control & Prevention 

Demand for odor control solutions has never been bigger. At Microban, we know this rapidly growing consumer market better than anyone else

Microban Odor Control - Antimicrobial Treatments for Textiles

People are living increasingly active lives, and expect their apparel and home textile products to keep up. Microban brings our partners a portfolio of innovative technologies to increase durability and stop stink before it starts.

The Technology - Microban Odor Control

Our proven portfolio of turnkey odor control solutions are vast and versatile. Textile applications range from synthetics and synthetic blends to natural weaves like cotton—and even to leather.

The Problem: Permastink

Permastink is a big problem! Our technology neutralizes odors before they even start. Microban keeps activewear, footwear, and gear odor free.