WIX® Filters Announces Category Exclusive Partnership with Microban

Nov 03, 2015

GASTONIA, N.C. (Nov. 3, 2015)WIX® Filters, a global manufacturer of filtration products, announced today a category exclusive partnership with Microban®, a world leader in antimicrobial solutions. Beginning in the first quarter of 2016, WIX cabin air filters will feature lifetime Microban product protection, fighting odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

“WIX prides itself on constantly innovating and bringing the best products to its partners,” said Donald Chilton, vice president of product management for WIX Filters. “In researching the next evolution of our cabin air filters, we knew we wanted to elevate our filter media with Microban product protection.”

The cabin air filter protection features continuous Microban’s Aegis® Technology, which inhibits microbe growth by utilizing a charge disruption mode of action. This broad-spectrum antimicrobial has a very rapid mode of action, which allows it to reduce microbial loads on treated substrates quickly. As a result, this technology keeps the air inside vehicles cleaner and fresher.

“We are continuously looking for opportunities to grow into new industries, and our partnership with WIX Filters is a perfect extension of our brand,” said Maria Diefenbach, associate brand manager for Microban. “When partners see the Microban Trustmark, they know they’re getting durable and effective antimicrobial protection – perfect for an application like WIX’s cabin air filters.”

Starting next year, the lifetime Microban product protection will apply to all of WIX’s light-duty cabin air filters for automotive and light-truck applications.

“Microban has exceptional brand awareness across many different industries, so we are very excited to partner with them in the automotive market,” said Jennifer Gibson, brand manager for WIX Filters. “The combination of WIX’s storied legacy in the automotive aftermarket and Microban’s technological superiority make for a perfect partnership for both companies.”

For more information about WIX, visit wixfilters.com, and for additional details on Microban, contact us.

About Microban

Microban International, Ltd. is a global technology and marketing company dedicated to enhancing premium consumer, industrial and medical products with branded built-in protection from microbes. Providing protection 24/7, the Microban® brand is a respected consumer trust mark that is committed to continuing innovation. Microban International licenses the Microban® global brand name, sells custom-engineered compounds, and provides a range of services, including regulatory and marketing support. Microban International is headquartered in North Carolina with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information on Microban, please contact contact us.

About WIX Filters

Since 1939, Wix® Filters has been an innovator in filtration products. WIX designs, manufactures and distributes products for automotive, diesel, agricultural, industrial and specialty filter markets. Its product line includes oil, air, cabin interior, fuel, coolant, transmission and hydraulic filters for automobiles, trucks, off-road equipment and manufacturing applications. For more information, visit wixfilters.com. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and visit us on YouTube.