Running. Hiking. Biking. Exercising. It all stinks!

May 10, 2019

But it doesn’t have to. Visit us at Outdoor Retailer this June to learn about the powerful odor control technology keeping socks smelling fresh, even after the longest days and toughest workouts.

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Odor buildup and stinky socks are a universal problem and customers demand a solution. The brands we live in continuously seek innovative ways to control odor on their socks and address this consumer pain point.

Scentry Revive™ is a revolutionary odor control product that significantly reduces the need for laundering. Perfect for items ranging from workout clothes and footwear to athletic gear and socks, Scentry Revive™ neutralizes body odor even after wear or use, offering the convenience of washing less with the assurance of continued and long-lasting freshness. With ultra-high capacity and efficiency, Scentry Revive’s™ apparel and socks odor protection lasts four to five consecutive wears and its footwear odor control protection up to one year. Scentry Revive™ maintains its freshness through up to 50 home launderings.

Body odor is generated by microorganisms living on our skin which digest sweat and other organic materials our bodies produce and then offgas malodor. This malodor tends to build up in synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester persistently over time and even after laundering leading to a common problem in Apparel termed “permastink”. “Permastink” not only results in unpleasant odors after home launderings, but also reduces useful life of textile products.

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The product was designed to address the market need for a proven, durable, high capacity and cost-effective between-wash odor control solution, offering greater convenience for consumers and controlling the “permastink” that can build up over time, especially those items that cannot be washed as often.

Suitable for use in polyesters and now cotton, Scentry Revive traps and neutralizes odor by permeating the fabric or yarn to form a protective barrier that eliminates odor as it comes into contact. This unique, patent-pending technology delivers unparalleled effectiveness at an attractive price point. Easily integrated into existing dyeing and finishing processes, Scentry Revive also delivers key sustainability benefits of critical importance to buyers, including water and energy savings through the reduced need for laundering. Most significantly, because it prevents the odor build-up that causes consumers to discard socks, apparel, footwear and gear prematurely, Scentry Revive effectively extends the usable life of any product treated with it, keeping items out of landfills.

Join us at our ORSM booth 1004-LL to find out how Scentry Revive captures and neutralizes odors to give consumers the power to say goodbye to sock stink! Click on the link below to request an appointment with a Microban Fresh Expert. See you in Denver!

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, June 17-20, 2019, Denver, CO, Booth 1004-LL

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