MicroGuard's Impact on Sustainable Construction: Featured in PPCJ

Dec 15, 2023

Learn how Microban's MicroGuard™ technology, a metal-free solution, provides superior product protection against fungal proliferation in the latest feature from Polymers Paint Colour Journal.

Construction materials, specifically PVC, are highly vulnerable to fungal growth, leading to premature product degradation, staining, odor issues, and potential safety hazards. However, Microban International has developed MicroGuard™ technology, which offers a robust defense against microbial growth on surfaces. This innovative technology boasts high antimicrobial efficacy, UV stability, and superior toxicity compared to existing arsenic-containing antimicrobial additives, such as OBPA.

In an article published in Polymers Paint Colour Journal, Microban International explains how MicroGuard technology can significantly contribute to building material manufacturers' efforts to create a circular economy. This additional feature offers an added layer of protection, ensuring product longevity and safety, and ultimately reducing waste and costs.

Read the full feature in Polymers Paint Colour Journal