Microban Receives bluesign® Approval for AEGIS

Feb 07, 2018

The highly recognized odor control solution, for Apparel, Footwear and Home Textiles is now compatible with sustainable textile manufacturing.

Continuing its commitment to achieve the highest industry standards in conserving valuable resources, minimizing environmental impacts and furthering brand, mill, and customer sustainability, Microban® International Ltd., the global leader in textile odor control and prevention, is excited to announce that its AEGIS 5772 odor control solution has obtained bluesign® approval. Since 2014 Microban has been growing its portfolio of bluesign approved products, which includes Scentry® BC100 and BC200, both are odor capture treatments which have received bluesign® system blue product ratings. ZPTech® ZO6 technology, a wide-spectrum antimicrobial, for apparel, footwear and home textiles also received bluesign approval in 2016. Microban is committed to bringing more technology offerings that fit into the sustainable textile production process than anyone else in the marketplace.

Microban AEGIS 5772

Microban AEGIS 5772 is an antimicrobial solution that has a robust safety profile supported by over 30 years of testing and use. There have been no adverse effects reported on people, plants or animals, and it is US EPA registered and ECHA BPR listed for skin contact applications and Oeko-Tex certified for all end use classes I-IV. It reduces body odors caused by organic chemical compounds and effectively controls a wide range of microbes, including gram negative and positive bacteria, fungi, algae, mold and mildew. This durable solution works on clothing, footwear, and home textile applications made from polyester, cotton, leather and synthetic blends for up 25 home launderings.

AEGIS is highly compatible and can be co-applied with most finishes and it does not cause yellowing problems, so it is often specified for products that have exacting whiteness standards. The integration of AEGIS into the manufacturing process is simple and seamless. It is easily integrated as a wet finish into most pad, spray and exhaust processes, and can also be applied as post-manufacture finish.

AEGIS has an excellent environmental stewardship profile, it contains no heavy metals (e.g., copper, arsenic or tin) or polychlorinated phenols. The technology improves the sustainability of the treated textile by helping to prevent product deterioration and extending its useful life. AEGIS will even meet supply chain compliance for those global and regional brands with the most stringent of restricted substances lists.

Bluesign approval system partner logo

“There is only one AEGIS, and it comes from Microban. We only offer the best in odor control solutions for our partners,” said Lisa Owen, VP of global textiles business for Microban. “Obtaining bluesign product certification demonstrates to our partners that we are dedicated to providing quality products upon which they can rely and consumers value. It is vital to the continued growth of our business that we reinforce our commitment to help global textiles supply chains to meet or advance environmental, health and safety stewardship.”

The bluesign system is the solution for sustainable textile production, eliminating harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process, setting standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. It unites partners in the textile industry worldwide through managing natural resources responsibly, reducing water and air emissions, improving waste water treatment and generally reducing its ecological footprint.