MicroGuard by Microban Nominated for Best Technology Application of the Year

Nov 07, 2023

Microban’s innovative MicroGuard technology secures a Best Technology Application of the Year nomination at the Plastics Industry Awards 2023.

Microban is proud to announce its nomination for the Best Technology Application of the Year at the prestigious Plastics Industry Awards 2023.

In its 22nd year, the Plastics Industry Awards has solidified its reputation as the preeminent platform for recognizing and celebrating excellence in an increasingly competitive market.

Microban International has been nominated for the development of MicroGuard™, a new line of metal-free antimicrobial chemistries designed for PVC, PU, and EVA foam applications.

MicroGuard: building a sustainable future

Fungal growth on building materials remains a pervasive challenge, especially in warm and humid environments. Conventional plastic materials often contain organic components that serve as perfect nutrients for mold, rendering them highly susceptible to microbial attacks.

PVC, favored in construction for its versatile properties, includes plasticizers that encourage microbial growth. Once fungal growth establishes itself, it is challenging to remove or control, posing a significant challenge for building owners.

In response to these pressing challenges, Microban International introduced MicroGuard, a series of non-leaching antifungal technologies for PVC, PU, and EVA materials. The primary objective was to create a sustainable, metal-free alternative to OBPA, which was banned in the EU due to its environmental impact. The aim is to combat fungal growth, extend the material’s lifespan, and help reduce waste in the construction industry.

A prestigious recognition by the plastics industry

MicroGuard's nomination highlights Microban's dedication to innovation and providing efficient and sustainable solutions. We are both honored and thrilled to be recognized by such a long-standing and highly regarded organization.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for November 17, 2023, at the InterContinental London Park Lane. We eagerly look forward to celebrating innovation in the plastics industry and sharing event updates on our LinkedIn page.