Microban Joins PLMA and Gears Up for Virtual Show

Mar 23, 2022

Microban is proud to announce their joining of the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA), and their virtual presence at PLMA Global 2022.

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Microban® International is excited to announce its membership with the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA). Founded in 1979, PLMA represents 4,500 member companies across more than 75 countries. As store brands have expanded to just about every food and non-food grocery category, PLMA has grown in consistent dedication to the promotion of private label products.

One of every four products sold in the U.S. today is the retailer's own brand or label. Consumers often associate private brands with equal or better quality to name brands, with the added benefit of cost savings. PLMA seeks to bring the global industry together through networking opportunities, trade events, exclusive market data and more.

Microban is thrilled to be joining such a prominent organization in the global retail and manufacturing space. Microban antimicrobial additive solutions are present in thousands of everyday consumer products worldwide, from shower curtains and food storage containers, to dining ware and cell phone cases. Any material can be susceptible to degrading microbial growth, which is why many brands already incorporate some form of antimicrobial product protection into their lines. Microban technologies can be seamlessly integrated into existing manufacturing processes to provide end users with the added benefit of peace of mind with a cleaner, fresher product.

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Microban International to Exhibit at Virtual PLMA Global Show

Microban is diving head first into its membership with PLMA with a virtual exhibit at the annual trade event, PLMA Global. The event features nearly 500 exhibitors from 55 countries around the world to bring private label buyers and manufacturers together in a unified event. Microban will have its virtual booth open for conversations with any visitor interested in learning more about the benefits of built-in antimicrobial solutions, the suite of Microban partnership support, ease of manufacturing products with Microban technologies, and more.

The exclusive event will support real time video conversations, as well as give visitors the opportunity to schedule meetings with exhibitor contacts at a later time. The platform will remain accessible through June 2022, allowing visitors and exhibitors to engage long after the show concludes.

Register to join the virtual event here.