Microban International Relaunches Twitter Page

Apr 27, 2022

Microban International has returned to Twitter with a refreshed presence that joins the Microban® and Ultra-Fresh® brands as One Company.

Twitter logo

Microban International is pleased to announce the relaunch of the company's Twitter channel. As of April 4, 2022, global regions and brands are now united under one profile, where users can follow along for industry news and updates.

The new channel proudly displays the Microban® and Ultra-Fresh® brands and will serve as a platform for building connections and engaging with consumer and commercial audiences alike.

As the global leader in antimicrobial and odor control technologies, Microban hopes to use the platform to contribute to key conversations across the antimicrobial additives market, product development, material enhancements and more. Microban looks forward to re-engaging with users and brand partners, amplifying exciting news and refreshed content to the audience.

Users can follow Microban International on Twitter @Microban.

Be sure to follow Microban on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest antimicrobial innovations and company news.