Microban® International and Scapa® Industrial join forces to offer integrated antimicrobial protection in sticky mats and rollers

Sep 01, 2021

Microban is partnered with Scapa to provide an added layer of antimicrobial protection to contamination control mats and rollers.

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Microban International and Scapa Industrial are proud to announce the relaunch of the Trim Tack® sticky mats and sticky rollers, which now offer built-in antimicrobial product protection. This upgrade means that these products will stay cleaner for longer, with added resistance against the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus to give customers greater peace of mind.

Microban® technology is integrated during manufacturing, and becomes part of the product’s structure, meaning it is active 24/7 and will not wash off, wear away or fade with time. This antimicrobial product protection acts on the cell wall of each microbe to inhibit its ability to grow and reproduce, helping the product fight the degrading effects of microbial activity.

Sticky mats and rollers are commonly used in facilities such as hospitals, laboratories and entrances to cleanrooms, for everything from floors and walls to tabletops and cabinets. Microbes can cause major problems in these sensitive environments, but the combination of Scapa’s Trim Track adhesive technology – which removes dirt, debris, and microbes from footwear and wheeled traffic – and the antimicrobial technology from Microban will provide an extra level of cleanliness control to help keep these areas cleaner.

“Microban is extremely proud to partner with Scapa Industrial to enhance its range of sticky mats and rollers,” commented Eric Blaeser, Director of Business Development at Microban. “We understand the importance of cleanliness in critical environments and, by incorporating Microban technology into the mats and rollers, Scapa’s customers can now enjoy the added benefit of lasting product protection in these products.”

Tom Kubiseski, General Manager at Scapa North America, added, “We are always looking for new innovations to advance our existing portfolio and anticipate the needs of our customers. We’ve partnered with Microban to offer this very important antimicrobial feature into our products to continue helping our customers to succeed in very dynamic markets.”

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