Microban Announces New Partnership with Palltronics

Mar 09, 2022

Microban is excited to announce its partnership with Palltronics on commercial shipping pallets manufactured with antimicrobial product protection.

Palltronics Logo Colour

Microban has joined in partnership with Palltronics, a leading US manufacturer of commercial shipping pallets. The two have come together to enhance Palltronics pallets with an antimicrobial coating to protect against staining and degrading bacteria growth.

Palltronics, successor in interest to Lightening Technologies, Inc., offers durable, lightweight pallets manufactured with key advancements to save warehouse and transportation crews time and money. The one-of-a-kind pallet system is equipped with electronics to offer tracking, temperature, and humidity sensor technology.

Pallet image

The lightweight design is easier to transport and helps to save on fueling costs, while the material enhancement with Microban antimicrobial technology keeps surfaces inherently cleaner and preserves durability use after use. Pallets are rackable, low maintenance, and load-tested at 5,600 pounds (double the GMA standard).

Palltronics pallets with Microban antimicrobial product protection offer an ideal way to enhance cleanliness in one step of the supply chain of any industry. Microban solutions can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of substrates that make up other areas of the commercial and consumer supply chain and user experience, including textiles, polymers, ceramics, laminates, coatings, paints, and more.