Sustainability is key at ISPO Beijing 2020

Jan 16, 2020

Microban will exhibit and present at ISPO Beijing 2020. We will be highlighting our portfolio of sustainable odor control solutions. Including Scentry Revive, an ISPO Textrends top innovation for fabric.

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ISPO Beijing 2020 will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) on February 12-15, 2020. As a global leader in odor control and antimicrobial technology for apparel, footwear and gear, Microban® is excited to be expanding our international trade event footprint with this event. We will be showcasing our innovative odor control technologies at booth E2.218. Our products provide unprecedented freshness and comfort for sportswear, shoes and equipment. Microban technology can be applied on a variety of products, such as yoga apparel, athletic shoes, intimate apparel, socks and so on. Our experienced research and development team will fully support our partners from conception to commercialization. With Microban protection, you can enjoy your favorite workout without worrying about the smell of sweaty stinky clothes.


Microban innovative technology can to lead to improvements in a product's useful life. If a garment has stains or persistent odor, the consumer is more likely to discard them and generate waste. Microban solutions have been proven to effectively inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms and neutralize unpleasant odors, extending the life of the products. Products with Microban technology can stay cleaner and fresher for a longer. This built-in added benefit can help consumers reduce the need for laundering, thereby reducing energy and water consumption, and waste.

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Microban has been Bluesign® system partner since 2014, demonstrating our commitment to the highest levels of sustainability and consumer protection. Our odor capture technologies are also OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified and can be used with confidence in even the most sustainable of supply chains.

Featured Technologies


One of the first and most respected names in antimicrobial protection, AEGIS is globally recognized as a leading odor control and extended hygiene technology. Frequently imitated, but never duplicated. Research has shown that consumers in China appear to be more likely to buy cotton apparel than textiles made of polyester or nylon. This technology provides the perfect antimicrobial solution for cotton textiles. With seamless integration, the highest level of sustainability, a trusted history of safe and durable use, AEGIS from Microban gives manufacturers a true advantage in textile odor control and added hygiene protection.

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SCENTRY REVIVE® was designed to capture and neutralize odor in footwear, socks, athleisure apparel, hunting gear and other synthetic and cotton rich textiles between launderings, allowing users to live more and wash less. While it works well controlling odors on apparel, like team jerseys and workout clothes so that they stay fresh between washings, Scentry Revive is also a perfect odor control solution for items that CANNOT be washed very often because of its regenerative odor neutralization ability.

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Scentry Revive® can be easily integrated during textile manufacturing and provides consumers with key benefits, including water and energy savings by having to launder the textile less often. Most importantly, it prevents consumers from discarding socks, clothing, footwear and other products prematurely due to odor build-up. Scentry Revive® effectively extends the life of treated products and keeps them out of landfills.

ISPO Textrends

Twice a year, ISPO recognizes innovative fabrics and components that are used to manufacture sports apparel. Designers and product managers value ISPO Textrends as platform for future textile trends and innovations.

Microban is proud to announce that our Scentry Revive odor control technology has been judged and selected by an independent jury of textile experts as one of the top innovations for Fall/Winter 2021/22. Visit ISPO Textrends booth E2.168 during ISPO Beijing to learn more.

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Ms. Tracy Tsang, the Head of Textiles Business Development, Asia Pacific at Microban, will be a key speaker in ISPO Beijing Sports Fashion Trend Forum, presenting the “Say Goodbye to Odor - Innovations in Odor Control for Activewear and Footwear”. Stinky activewear and footwear remains and will always be a universal pain point for consumers. It is important to improve and develop more sustainable solutions to keep activewear, footwear and other performance products fresh and clean, giving consumers peace of mind. Don’t miss this opportunity If you are interested in learning how to use industry-reliable technologies to control odors and add value to your products.

Date & Time: 2/14/2020 3:30pm – 4:00pm

Location: E2.357 Beijing · China International Exhibition Center (New Avenue)

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Tracy Tsang Bio

Tracy Tsang is the Head of Textiles Business Development, Asia Pacific at Microban International. Tracy leads the commercial activities with apparel brands, mills and distributors in the region. Prior to this role, Tracy was the Marketing Manager at Microban servicing prominent consumer, commercial and textile brands in the region.