Everbrite Launches CrobialCoat™ Antimicrobial Clear Coating Product Line

Sep 14, 2020

Everbrite has partnered with Microban International to launch CrobialCoat™, a protective clear coating for metal and high touch surfaces.

UNITED STATES (September 14, 2020) - Everbrite Inc., the expert in restoring and protecting metals, has partnered with Microban® International to develop their newest innovative coating product: CrobialCoat™ with Microban antimicrobial technology. For years, Everbrite has focused on developing clear coating systems that restore faded metal and keep new metal looking its best by preventing corrosion, oxidation, rust, tarnish, acid rain and more.

Now, spurred by customer demand, Everbrite introduces CrobialCoat™ with built-in antimicrobial product protection. Combined with the power of Everbrite's ProtectaClear coating product, this new line of clear coating products offers long lasting protection for most surfaces from rust, salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation. Microban® antimicrobial technology is built into CrobialCoat for an added level of protection against the growth of microbes. Ideal for high touch surfaces where cleanliness matters.

Everbrite Crobial Coat product family microban antimicrobial technology

Teresa Sedmak, President of Everbrite commented:

“We have been manufacturing specialty coatings for 30 years. ProtectaClear® is one of our high-quality clear coatings that protects metal surfaces from tarnish, rust and corrosion long-term - and now being able to offer Microban® with 24/7 built in product protection to keep surfaces 99% cleaner is a great benefit for our customers. We chose Microban because of their established brand recognition and the excellent technical assistance provided to us.”

For more information about CrobialCoat™ products, visit Everbrite's official partner page.

Protecting High Touch Metal Surfaces

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About Everbrite

Everbrite, Inc. has helped hundreds of thousands of customers restore and protect metal surfaces for over 30 years. Everbrite, Inc. manufactures and distributes specialty protective coatings, including: Everbrite™, ProtectaClear®, EquipCoat® and now CrobialCoat™ with Microban® along with cleaners, polishes and accessories needed for the best restoration results possible.

Everbrite, Inc. is a Nevada Corporation with offices in Reno and in Rancho Cordova, CA. We distribute our coatings direct to consumers and also through distributors world-wide. Our highly specialized coatings are not sold in stores and are specific to project and surface type. Pacific Pride Products, Inc. is the contracting division of Everbrite, Inc. offering restoration services in the Self Storage industry. Everbrite, Inc. is a member of the Self Storage Association and state associations such as the Texas SSA, Arizona SSA and California SSA.

About Microban®

Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban® the global leader antimicrobial technologies and odor control solutions. Its proactive systems keep products cleaner, fresher and more durable by preventing microbial problems before they start. Microban® combines science with creative solutions to enhance high quality textile, consumer, industrial and medical products around the world. Today, the Microban® brand and technologies are featured on thousands of products in more than 30 countries.

Microban® technology is not designed to protect users or others from disease-causing microorganisms or viruses, and is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices. Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.