Dongpeng Launches ABT Antibacterial Ceramic Tile Range

Sep 07, 2020

Dongpeng has announced its branded partnership with Microban International for the launch of the ABT tile collection.

GUANGDONG, MAINLAND CHINA (September 7, 2020) Dongpeng, China's leading domestic manufacturer of high-end ceramic products, has announced its official partnership with Microban® to launch a collection of antibacterial ceramic tiles.

Microban® antibacterial technology is integrated into the glaze of Dongpeng's ABT range at the stage of manufacture. The patented formulation works 24/7 to help prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria on the tile. The result is a ceramic surface that stays hygienically cleaner and fresher in-between cleans. And unlike other antibacterial ceramics available on the market, ABT tiles do not require sunlight or UV rays for activation.

The results of independent laboratory testing using China domestic test standard JC/T 897-2014 revealed that Dongpeng antibacterial ceramics achieved >99% reduction in the growth of E. coil and S. aureus. These powerful antibacterial properties serve to deliver cleaner, fresher ceramic surfaces that are easier to clean and provide added peace of mind when it's need most.

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Dongpeng's R&D team commented: “We reached out to Microban® in 2014, started testing with their ceramics technology in 2017, and finally applied it to our products in 2019. We chose Microban’s antimicrobial ceramics formulation based on its stability and scientifically proven efficacy. Microban ceramics technology has a higher testing pass rate compared with others in the market, both domestically and abroad.”

Graham Harvey, International Group Director at Microban International, commented, “Nowadays, cleanliness and hygiene have become crucial factors for consumers when choosing ceramic products. However, it is an extremely complex process and takes extraordinary knowledge, skill and flexibility to produce a ceramic product that is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also protected against bacterial growth. Microban’s ceramics engineers worked closely with Dongpeng’s R&D team to customize the antibacterial formulation, addition rate, and application. This ensured seamless integration into the glaze without disrupting existing manufacturing processes. I am thrilled with the outcome of this project and look forward to watching the ABT range evolve over the coming months.”

For more information about the ABT range, visit Dongpeng's official partner page.

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About Dongpeng

Dongpeng Group (Guangdong Dongpeng Holding Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1972. It is one of the top one-stop service providers for home furnishings in China. It has businesses such as ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, home furnishings, wood flooring, coatings, and accessories. Dongpeng is committed to providing consumers with comfortable space solutions, high-quality product configurations and humanized sincere services. Dongpeng Holdings is the largest marketer in China for Italy's REX and Spain's Grespania. In 2014, it acquired the German high-end bathroom brand Innoci.

Headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, Dongpeng Group has 14 production bases across the country, more than 7,000 speciality stores, and 60,000 professionals. Its products are widely used in global high-end landmark projects, such as Beijing Daxing Airport, Olympic venues, and the Bangkok Marriott Hotel in Thailand.

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Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban® is a global specialist in antimicrobial technologies and odor control solutions. Its proactive systems keep products cleaner, fresher and more durable by preventing microbial problems before they start. Microban® combines science with creative solutions to enhance high quality textile, consumer, industrial and medical products around the world. Today, the Microban® brand and technologies are featured on thousands of products in more than 30 countries.

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