Regulatory Approvals

International Regulatory Expertise


Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection & Regulatory Approval

All Microban additives are registered with the relevant authorities.

We fully recognise the need to adhere to strict guidelines regarding the language used to market products that incorporate antimicrobial protection technologies.

In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates built-in antimicrobial protection claims. The EPA limits claims to protection of the treated article and prohibits public health claims.

Wherever your company is based in the world, our in-house regulatory department and marketing team will work with you to ensure that all recommended antibacterial protection solutions have the appropriate claims language and regulatory approvals prior to commercialisation.

Regulatory approvals are essential for solidifying legally acceptable product launches. We are dedicated to supplying clients with any regulatory approvals they may need to deploy antimicrobial protection technologies that are fully compliant.