Antibacterial PPE sheets from Expo Accessories and Microban

Located in Bangladesh, Expo Accessories (Pvt) Limited is a leading manufacturer specialising in garment accessories and 100% biodegradable packaging solutions for commercial, industrial, and home use. The company's current product portfolio includes c-clips, m-clips, labels, garbage bags, cutlery, hangers, garment bags, and PPE sheeting.

Protective accessories for garment storage and transportation

Garment sheets are commonly used to protect clothing during storage and transportation. However, variations in humidity and temperature can expose the sheets to damaging bacterial proliferation.

To help address this issue, Expo Accessories has developed a range of PPE garment sheets enhanced with Microban® antimicrobial technology. Microban technology is integrated into the PPE sheeting during manufacture, delivering permanent surface protection against bacterial growth. The result is a garment sheet that stays cleaner and fresher during use.

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Key benefits of Expo Accessories PPE garment sheets featuring built-in Microban technology

  • Address the common issue of bacterial growth on garment packaging during transportation

  • Work to protect retailer stock by preventing product spoilage during transportation

  • Help minimise the risk of bacterial cross-contamination from sheeting to clothing items

  • Protected against odours and staining caused by bacterial proliferation

  • Feature a proven antibacterial technology that has a long history of safe use

For more information about Expo Accessories and its range of antibacterial garment sheets, contact a member of Microban team today.